8 Strongest Marvel Characters Iron Man Beat In The Comics

Iron Man is one of Marvel’s biggest icons. He’s probably the most important founding member of the Avengers; without his money, resources, and his mansion, the team would have never had anywhere to live. Since then, he’s tackled some of the greatest threats to the planet Earth, both on his own and with his friends. He is not always the best hero out there, but it’s impossible to argue with his results from him.

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Iron Man has operated at the highest levels of the Marvel Universe for a very long time. He has been instrumental in the defeat of some of the strongest enemies out there, using his armor and intelligence from him to make a difference in battle.

8 The Ten Rings Of The Mandarin Were Never Enough To Defeat Him

For years, Iron Man’s main foe was the Mandarin. A warlord who found a crashed alien ship, the Mandarin discovered ten rings inside the wreckage, each one giving him a different power. For years, he and Iron Man battled it out with the Armored Avenger always coming out on top, proving that his technology was better than the alien rings.

Mandarin’s rings were bolstered by his own cunning and power base, so while Iron Man was always able to beat him, he still was a serious challenge for the hero. Many of their battles were rather close calls, and their rivalry was Iron Man’s defining one for a long time.

7 Kang’s Knowledge Of The Future Never Helped Him Much Against Iron Man


Kang has bedeviled the heroes in multiple guises over the years, especially the Avengers. Still, he always seemed to have a special place of hate in his heart for Iron Man. The two are very similar, as far as it goes — they’re intelligent men in powerful armor who always have a plan or are coming up with one . Kang has targeted Iron Man several times and even mind-controlled him to betray the Avengers.

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Iron Man has always been instrumental in defeating Kang’s plans. Unlike the Conqueror, Iron Man’s plans aren’t as rigid, allowing him to adapt and defeat Kang. Even with all of his knowledge and resources from him, Kang ca n’t ever figure out a way to outsmart Stark, or if he does, the Armored Avenger is always able to turn the tables on him.

6 Magneto Was Surprised By How Prepared Iron Man Was For Him

Iron Man vs. Magneto from Avengers vs. X-Men

Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, his magnetic mastery allowing him to wreak havoc with anyone who stands in his way. One would imagine that he would also wreck Iron Man’s day, and many times this was the case, including recently when the Avengers went to Krakoa to retrieve the body of the at the time dead Scarlet Witch. However, there was one rather memorable time when Iron Man was able to defeat Magneto.

During the opening battle between the two teams in Avengers Vs. X-Men, Iron Man clashed with Magneto and was actually ready for him. He used an armor that was immune to the effects of Magneto’s powers, allowing him to carry the day against the mutant master of magnetism.

5 Doctor Doom And Iron Man Have Had Some Memorable Clashes

Cover for Wastelanders: Doctor Doom #1 Header

Doctor Doom is the premiere armored villain in the Marvel Universe. His main grudge is against Mister Fantastic and the Fantastic Four, but he also hates Iron Man. The two have clashed many times over the years, with one of their most memorable clashes seeing Doom and Iron Man getting stranded in Arthurian times after a battle and having to work together to get back. They hate each other, but there’s a grudging respect there, as evidenced by Doom taking over as Iron Man for a time.

While Doom’s armor is superior in many ways to Iron Man’s, Iron Man was still about to defeat the Latverian monarch. Their clashes have been legendary, and there’s no doubt that they’ll continue battling for years in the future.

4 Loki And Iron Man Have Battled Many Times

Loki and his various forms

Loki is one of Marvel’s most important villains. The God of Mischief’s threat brought together the Avengers, which was the first time Iron Man defeated the Norse god. Since then, Iron Man and Loki have clashed many times, and the Armored Avenger has always been rather instrumental in every battle between the two. Iron Man’s science has proven integral has offered a powerful counterpoint to Loki’s magic, allowing the Avengers to defeat the trickster.

Loki can be a very dangerous enemy when it comes down to it, and multiple approaches have to be taken to defeat him. Iron Man has proven great at figuring out ways around Loki’s schemes or, when that fails, using his armored might from him to bash through the Norse God’s vile trickery.

3 Ultron Has Tested Iron Man Almost To Breaking

Age of Ultron feature

Ultron is the Avengers’ most dangerous foe. Their rivalry is quite personal; Avenger Hank Pym created the android, and his attempt to kill Ultron when he became sentient caused the automaton to hate humanity. Since then, the Avengers have always been in the frontline of the war to stop Ultron from exterminating all of humanity, something Iron Man has been instrumental in.

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He may not have created Ultron, but Iron Man has always been a big help to Pym when coming up with ways to stop the genocidal robot. Iron Man has never been able to defeat Ultron on his own — very few heroes have — but as an Avenger, he’s made a world of difference in stopping him whenever he rears his adamantium-clad head from him.

two Iron Man Has Been Able To Defeat Thanos With Help

thanos as prime eternal

Thanos is one of Marvel’s greatest villains. He’s superlatively powerful and is usually way too much for any hero to defeat, including Iron Man. He’s fought the Mad Titan many times in the past, usually with the help of the Avengers or other heroes. While Thanos has handed him some rather handy defeats, Iron Man has been able to triumph over the villain several times with help.

It’s doubtful that Iron Man would ever be able to defeat Thanos on his own, but with a group of other heroes, Iron Man has pulled it off. Iron Man actively tries not to mess with Thanos, though, as even he knows better than to go after the Mad Titan without all of the back-up.

1 Iron Man Took Out Korvac On His Own

Korvac, glowing with pink energy and blue lightning flashing around him screams as he punches the ground.

Michael Korvac is one of the Avengers’ most dangerous foes, an omnipotent foe who killed and resurrected the team the first time they fought. Since then, Korvac has clashed with the Avengers many times, and even though they’ve come out on top, it’s always been a close thing. Iron Man is tough, and it’s rare for him to actually be able to solo a team buster like Korvac, so it surprised everyone when he did.

Defeating Korvac all on his own is probably one of Iron Man’s most impressive feats. The villain’s powers put him up there with some of the most powerful beings in the cosmos, and the fact that Iron Man was able to defeat speaks well to the Armored Avenger’s wherewithal.

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