Andrew Young, daredevils, New Orleans among spring book release topics

Andrew Young has always been a fighter, literally and figuratively. As a child, he learned boxing so he could defend himself from schoolyard bullies, and as an adult he battled discrimination to become a congressman and mayor of Atlanta.

“The Many Lives of Andrew Young” by acclaimed Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter ernie suggs, tells the compelling tale of the civil rights hero, congressman, ambassador and mayor. Hundreds of color photographs document the rise of this Southern icon who recently turned 90.

Readers can relive Young’s term as mayor during the 1996 Summer Olympics and find inspiration in his many achievements such as co-founding Good Works International, which promotes human rights across the globe. Jimmy Carter writes the prologue to a well-researched book that captures and celebrates the life of one of Georgia’s most accomplished men.

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Della Marigold, the protagonist of Taylor Brown‘s latest novel, has a unique way of flying the friendly skies. No conventional window or aisle seat for her.

It’s the Great Depression, and Della and her husband make their money by performing acts of aerial daring, which includes strolls on the wing. They hope to earn enough cash to get to the West Coast. During one of their stunts, they encounter a famous author.

“Wingwalkers” is based on a real-life encounter two aviator daredevils had with William Faulkner during Mardi Gras. Out of this footnote in history, Brown, a Savannah author, has created an enthralling, inventive historical narrative that’s part adventure tale, part love story. It also illuminates the creative workings of one of the South’s most revered novelists.

“Pay Dirt Road” by Samantha Jayne Allen

Rural Texas, with its smelly oil fields and tired honky-tonks, doesn’t have much to offer Annie McIntyre, a recent college grad. But instead of leaving for more promising pastures, she sticks around and helps her granddad with her private-eye business.

When a local waitress goes missing, Annie is eager for clues, but what she finds are long-buried secrets and confrontations with a past she’d be happy to forget.

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