Deliver Us is a science fiction thriller. Mars looks desolate, but it comes with a robot companion

The sequel to Deliver Us is an action puzzle game. The Moon is approaching. At the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, a new trailer for Deliver Us Mars, the sci-fi puzzle sequel to Deliver Us The Moon, debuted, and it looks dismal. While the shaky camera examines the wreckage, a two-passenger space pod is ripped apart all over the red earth. There are sparks hissing, no pilot in sight, and it appears like everything has gone horribly wrong. The camera pans up to reveal a lone astronaut pacing the landscape till they come to a halt in front of a Wheatley-esque robot blinking and booting up. It’s cute, but I can’t help but think it won’t be a fun way to go away from the world.

Presumably, you’ll do the same in this game too. The trailer doesn’t show any gameplay, but the whole thing was captured in-game. The trailer ends on an ominous tower in the distance that likely holds a lot of emails to read and doors to puzzle open. The Netherlands-based developer released Deliver Us The Moon in 2018 after a successful Kickstarter. The game was then taken down, reworked to include its DLC, and relaunched a year later with ray tracing and DLSS support and other tweaks to the game.

Deliver Us Mars looks to be some kind of sequel to KeokeN Interactive’s 2020 puzzle action game of similar name. In the first game, you pieced together a mystery on the moon in order to save Earth from an energy crisis. The game featured its own robot buddy that you could control with a first-person view to dig your way deeper into the mystery.

There’s no release date for Deliver Us Mars, but it’s set to launch on both the Epic Games Store and Steam. Tyler has covered games, games culture, and hardware for over a decade before joining PC Gamer as Associate Editor. He’s done in-depth reporting on communities and games as well as criticism for sites like Polygon, Wired, and Waypoint. He’s interested in the weird and the fascinating when it comes to games, spending time probing for stories and talking to the people involved. Tyler loves sinking into games like Final Fantasy 14, Overwatch, and Dark Souls to see what makes them tick and pluck out the parts worth talking about. His goal of him is to talk about games the way they are: broken, beautiful, and bizarre.

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  • Deliver Us is a science fiction thriller. Mars looks desolate, but it comes with a robot companion
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