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RIYADH: Eleven global brands from Vietnam, Poland, France, and China will test the waters and expand their ventures into the Saudi beauty industry during Riyadh’s third edition of Beautyworld.

The event hosted 76 exhibitors from 11 countries in total from March 21-23, welcoming the public to the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

Companies took part from across various beauty sections, including skincare, haircare, fragrances and eyelashes.

The previous Beautyworld exhibition took place in Jeddah in 2019. According to analysts Euromonitor International, the value of the industry will reach $5.5 billion in 2022, up by nearly three percent from its $5.36 billion value in 2021.

Creative Beauty Source, a brand based in Dubai, used the exhibition to launch its presence in the Kingdom.

“We feel that the Saudi market is booming recently, and we see that there is a big need for a dedicated supplier,” Menwel Yehya, general manager of Creative Beauty Source, told Arab News.

Exclusive Lashes, a Polish eyelash company that specializes in eyelash extensions, equipment, and cosmetic materials needed for application, also debuted at the exhibition in the Kingdom.

“This is the first time that we have attended the fair and judging from the popularity of the products and how people are responding, probably not the last time, and (it is) the beginning of a series of visits to Saudi Arabia,” Maciej Kalecinski, Exclusive Lashes customer adviser, told Arab News.

“We see great opportunity and great value in entering the Saudi Arabian market with our premium quality service and products,” he added.

Jean Niel, a boutique French fragrance house with more than 240 years of experience, continued expanding their know-how and expertise into the Saudi market with their participation in Beautyworld.

“At Jean Niel, we value quality over quantity, and we prefer working with niche brands, providing them with high-quality ingredients and exclusive products. So, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East in general, is the place to be in order to sustain our prestigious level and reputation,” Benoît Vittet, the head of perfumery at Jean Niel said.

The company works with major luxury brands specializing in fine fragrances, such as Chanel, Hermes, and Christian Dior.

“We have very nice raw materials that we believe fit very well with the perfumes here in Saudi Arabia; we have the Bulgarian roses, woody notes, and ‘ambery’ notes that can fit very well in this country,” Lita Fernandez, perfumer and Spain sales director for Jean Niel explained. “We are always involved in all of the important salons all over the world, and especially in Saudi Arabia, because we have very big customers (here).”

Hoang Giang, a Vietnamese oud scent manufacturer, also displayed their products, specializing in agarwood.

“This is our second time at Beautyworld; our first time was in Jeddah,” Khanh Nguyen, Hoang Giang sales manager, explained to Arab News.

The company has been shipping to the Kingdom as a manufacturing partner for over seven years.

“We understand the market, we understand that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest markets in GCC,” Nguyen said. “We want to expand our customer network and look for some new business opportunities.”


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