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Becky Hohnstein, of Minatare, wrote a rhyme book about her longtime best friend Tuesday, whom she had put down after 14 years of friendship and companionship.

COURTESY/Becky Hohnstein

When Minatare resident Becky Honstein’s beloved dog, Tuesday, had to be put down after 14 1/2 years of love and friendship, she decided she would put together a little photo book of all their memories together to help her feel better.

She decided to put a few words to the photos, and then decided to make those words rhyme. Soon she had an entire rhyming picture book that she seemed perfect to share with others, particularly children just beginning to learn how to read.

“The words had to rhyme and it seemed to give the story a better flow. So, I liked what I had put together, and I had my family read it, and my great grandson — he didn’t read it; it was read to him,” she said. “…So, I finally just decided maybe this needs to be shared with others, because I really enjoyed putting it together, and it helped me get over the loss of Tuesday.

“And, as I read it again and again, I liked it better and I thought well, I’ll share it with others. They will like it too.”

It took her about a year to put the entire book together, and she just self-published it in February. The book, called “Tuesday’s Story: A book of rhyme for children and pet lovers,” follows Honstein’s Bichon Cocker named Tuesday from puppyhood to adult age in a series of photos and rhymes.

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While the 42-page book was originally written to comfort herself, Honstein said she felt many others could relate to the companionship that pets can provide.

“The photos I had after all those years gave me comfort and allowed me to share her story and the relationship we had,” she said in a press release. “Having a great companion is so important, and my book will be relatable for all children and dog lovers.”

This book was Honstein’s first, and likely her last, she said, because the only reason she even wrote it was due to specific circumstances.

“The circumstances were there and the pictures were there and the story was there and my emotions were there,” she said. “So, I just don’t think it’ll happen again.”

Still, Honstein, who is a retired nurse, plans to keep busy with other creative projects. She loves photography, making greeting cards and is even attempting to create her own board game.

“I’ve been working on that for — oh my gosh — since 2009; it’s a different form of cribbage, and I’m still working on it,” she said. “…And, I do cards with my photography; I do all kinds of cards, birthday cards and cards about the valley and sympathy cards. I use pictures of the valley (for) all kinds of greeting cards, and I enjoy that too. I’ve got to be creating to be happy, I guess. … That’s when I’m at my happiest is when I’m doing something creative.”

As for the book, Honstein just hopes others will read it and find a little joy, just as she had.

“With a children’s book, I can at least get it out there for others to enjoy, and I hope they enjoy it just half as much as I do,” she said, “at least as much as I do.”

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