10 Avengers Who Deserve To Join The MCU, According To Reddit

Fourteen years after its first film, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still going strong in its conquest to adapt as many iconic Marvel Comics characters to the screen as it can. The juggernaut of a franchise has only gotten bigger over the past several years, with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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With the MCU’s Phase Four well underway and plans for Phase Five beginning to seep into public knowledge, many fans have turned to Reddit to voice their opinions on which Avengers members from the comics they want to see added to the MCU’s flagship team.



Certain classic Avengers have yet to get their just dues on the big screen. Reddit user blackbutterfree calls this to attention, writing that the character of A-Bomb, also known as Rick Jones, was one of the “only Avengers from the team’s first decade of comics to not be adapted yet,” adding that they’d love to see him join the film franchise.

While Rick Jones has a long and storied past with the Avengers team, he didn’t adopt his most famous alter-ego of A-Bomb until 2008, in a storyline that left his body in a similar state to the Hulk’s, albeit blue. Since then, he has made sporadic appearances in the major Marvel stories, and could be a valuable resource for Marvel Studios as they appear to delve deeper into the Hulk Family.


Nathan Fillion Wonder Man

Certain long-sought Avengers-to-be may already exist in the MCU, just hidden in the background. Redditor InfiltratorOmega reminds fans of one such possibility, in Simon Williams, otherwise known as Wonder Man, pointing out that he is “already an easter egg in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.”

Wonder Man has been affiliated with both the Avengers and West Coast Avengers teams in his comic book history and is indeed one of the most notable absences from the MCU. While he has yet to appear in person, it is true that Nathan Fillion appeared as the hero’s alter-ego of actor Simon Williams on a movie poster found in the background of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. two.

moon dragon

Moondragon tilts her head as she is using her powers.

Certain hero suggestions require no further reasoning, or at least this was the debate method employed by the Reddit user by the name of Quiet_Effective7234. In a thread discussing prospective future Avengers, this user simply wrote the word “Moondragon.”

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Moondragon is a rather obscure Marvel character to the casual fan, first appearing in the early 1970s. The telepathic heroine otherwise known as Heather Douglas has bounced around the various superhero teams throughout the decades, including the Avengers and the fabled Infinity Watch. However, her presence de ella would perhaps fit best in James Gunn’s upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


Jessica Drew in Marvel Comics

There are a number of Marvel heroes that are long overdue for a proper live-action introduction. One post from a since-deleted Reddit account calls to attention one such character in Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman. The user suggests that Drew could be the one to “rebuild SHIELD in the MCU, which would give her some good depth for the movie/TV storylines.”

There would be plenty for the MCU to explore when it comes to the comic book icon Jessica Drew, who seems to be near the top of many fans’ wishlists for the future of the franchise. Additionally, the character played a major role in the comic book Secret Invasion storyline, which the MCU is set to adapt in the coming year.


Tigra on the cover of Tigra #3 from Marvel Comics.

While some Marvel characters are particularly strange, Marvel has a long history of turning even bottom-of-the-barrel heroes into fan favorites. Keeping this in mind, Redditor djquu calls for the superhero Tigra to join the MCU, calling on Marvel Studios to “just go ham at this point.”

A member of both the Avengers and West Coast Avengers at different times in her comic book history, Tigra is a humanoid cat-person with incredible agility and fighting ability who seems poised to make her introduction into the MCU in the near future, perhaps played by one of several actresses confirmed for the MCU with as-yet-undisclosed roles.


Avengers Voyager with ball of energy in her hands

After making a number of suggestions for the Avengers’ future line-up, Reddit user blackbutterfree adds one more prospective character to their list, writing “I’d also love to see Voyager (Valerie Vector/Va Nee Gast) adapted [for the MCU].”

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Voyager is a comparatively new character in Marvel Comics, only making her debut in 2018. The character is revealed as the daughter of the universal Elder the Grandmaster before eventually joining the Avengers. With Jeff Goldblum playing the Grandmaster in the MCU, it would not be out of the question for fans to expect his all-powerful daughter from him to be on her way to the big screen as well.


Incredible Hercules Marvel Comics

Though Marvel has already dipped its hand into multiple pantheons of ancient gods, Reddit user dragriver2 is calling upon Kevin Feige and his creative team to do so again, this time with the Greeks. They write that the character of Hercules is one of the “only member[s] from the ’60s who hasn’t shown up yet.”

While there has not yet been any official announcement concerning Hercules’ introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the character is very likely to make his MCU debut in Thor: Love and Thunder later this year, as his father, Zeus, has already been confirmed to appear in the film, played by Russell Crowe.


Sentry standing among lightning in Marvel Comics.

One Reddit user by the handle of Abject_Cellist_4896 writes that they are “still waiting for [Marvel Studios] to introduce Sentry,” calling him a “no-brainer at this point,” and even offering up former Superman actor Henry Cavill to play the role.

Sentry is a force to be reckoned with from the comics who could easily be set up as a leader in the MCU’s future, though perhaps not so stable a leader as the recently retired Captain America. The character, though powerful, has often been described as a less mentally stable version of Superman, which would certainly make Cavill’s casting an interesting choice.


Firestar in her suit using her fire-based powers to fly

Though Marvel seems to be setting up its own Young Avengers lineup, one Reddit user by the name of Quiet_Effective7234 still calls for certain “teen members” of the main team to join the roster. In their post, they call for several lesser-known teenage heroes to join the MCU, including the mutant known as Firestar.

Firestar is a rare Marvel character in that she made her debut outside of the comics, first appearing in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series, later going on to make a name for herself as an Avenger and member of the X-Men in the comic books. Though the character has laid relatively dormant in recent years, including her de ella in the massively successful MCU would no doubt bring the character back into the limelight.


X-Men's Beast reading a book.

Despite being more famous for his days as one of the uncanny X-Men, Redditor lanwopc would prefer to see an MCU Beast more akin to the version that served as an Avenger in the ’70s and ’80s lineup of the team. Perhaps controversially, the Redditor writes that Hank McCoy was “1,000x better as an Avenger than an X-Man.”

Hank McCoy’s Beast is primarily known as a founding member of the X-Men, whose history in Marvel Comics dates all the way back to the early ’60s. Additionally, the character has been featured in a number of Fox’s X Men films, played by both Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Hoult. With the mutants well on their way to the MCU, however, audiences might find it refreshing to see a new side of Hank, this time as a member of the Avengers rather than the X-Men.

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