10 Songs That Reference Comic Books

Considered an inspiration for many, there are many musical artists who use comic books as inspiration for their art by using characters as lyrics for their songs. It doesn’t happen too frequently but it makes those artists who pull this off feel all the more special.

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There are a number of notable songs from some major artists that find a way to use comic characters as part of a message within their song. All songs on this can be found and listened to on YouTube and Spotify so comic book and music fans everywhere can appreciate them whenever they want.


Aaron Dews – Son Of Batman (Feat. Amkg & Okhiphop)

Nightwing Dick Grayson

Aaron Dews has made it clear who his favorite hero was as this is just one of many songs he’s done titled after the first Robin. Other songs that he’s made connected are titled after the character’s two identities, Nightwing and Dick Grayson. This, along with other songs of his, proves that he is a comic book fan that knows about Batman and Nightwing’s relationship. Although the title would make you think it would be a reference to Damian Wayne, Dick is believed by many to be Batman’s first son.

“Son of Batman,” goes through the history of Dick Grayson. It gives listeners an idea of ​​what it is like in Dick Grayson’s mind as the songs put the listeners in a crime-fighting feel. The song speaks of his time learning with Batman, his time with Titans, and his relationship with Starfire. This song represents the growth of Dick Grayson as he transitions from Batman’s apprentice into a hero of his own.

Logic – Black Spider-Man

Miles Morales swinging through the skies.

Logic is an artist who uses his music to reach out to others with a positive message. Spider-Man is a hero that symbolizes positivity and encouragement. “Black Spider-Man” was written as a message of diversity and the pride that comes with it. Much like Spider-Man, the song has an upbeat, carefree vibe to it.

When spreading a positive message, it just makes sense to use an encouraging hero such as Spider-Man to send the message. When the mask is on, the skin color, sexuality, and identity of the wearer are of little importance. Peter Parker may be the most famous Spider-Man, but his identity does not mean as much to the people of New York as what it means to be Spider-Man. It doesn’t matter if it is Miles Morales or Peter Parker under the mask as the representation of being a hero for all is the importance of what it means to be Spider-Man.

Ekoh X BossLogic – Suicide Squad

New Suicide Squad DC Comic Team

Ekoh is a rap nerd that specializes in nerd rap. Ekoh prides himself on using pop-culture references within his music by him as discovered when listening to other songs of his such as Ted Talk and Pickle Rick. He’s covered franchises such as Star Wars and Marvel on days that he doesn’t write songs that are deeply personal to him. This song reveals just how unique of an evil genius he is when building music off of comic references.

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Channeling his inner villain, Ekoh compares himself to the villains of DC to show just how powerful he is as a rapper. He makes it clear in the song that it is not a Marvel rap as it is a darker song that puts fear in others much like a DC villain would do. The villains are the stars of the song as he talks of defeating the heroes of DC and taking control similar to a crime boss in Gotham. Even weaker villains such as Condiment King and uncredited creator Bill Finger get a shout-out. This song perfectly proves his argument from him on why he is an artist that everyone should keep an eye on.

Eminem – Venom

Venom The End Marvel Comic

Venom was connected to Spider-Man for the longest time up until staring in his solo movie. Tom Hardy had a movie-saving performance as he plays Eddie Brock fighting to keep control as he is taken over by Venom. Accompanying the movie is a song from a rapper who adopts the character as his own. The movie helped add another hit song to Eminem’s reputation.

Eminem feels like a host of the symbiote that is in full control. His rapid-fire rhymes come out at monstrous speed. It’s as if the song has a different meaning about channeling inner darkness and using it as a weapon compared to the movie. Eddie Brock, Eminem does not struggle with his darkness from him but takes pride in it and uses it on the mic.

3 Doors Down – Kryptonite

Superman Lois Lane Wedding Kiss Comic

Superman’s biggest weakness is also known to be 3 Doors Down’s debut single. Releasing in 2000 written by drummer Matt Arnold, the song is about asking someone if they will stay by their side and about feeling weak and needing someone. This was never a song about Superman but feeling powerless when the person you love is gone.

For the most part, Superman and Lois Lane’s relationship has been depicted as a couple there for each other. When Superman feels as if he has failed, Louis is there to hold his hand from him. Although his greatest love for him, she is also seen as his biggest weakness for him. Whenever she is gone, he loses the one person he can truly rely on as proven in the Injustice story where Superman becomes unhinged as she is no longer there to hold his hand from her.

Adam WarRock – Marvelous

This upbeat song was made for every comic fan to just feel good about themselves. Using Ms. Marvel to help fuel the power of positivity, telling the story of diversity and confidence. Ms. Marvel is not the only hero mentioned in this song but she is the focus as she represents diversity in comics. Kamala Khan (Aka Ms. Marvel) is the first Muslim superhero that love for superheroes makes her relatable to fans.

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Adam WarRock shows just how relatable of a character she is as he puts all comic fans that ever felt different in her place. Superheroes have been inspiring all comic fans as they teach us that everyone can make a difference in the world. He does this by recalling moments in comics that reflected the world such as the first gay marriage in comics with Northstar and Kyle Jinadu. The song reflects the growth in the world when it comes to diversity and how comics have helped.

IV Seconds – The Hottest Marvel Comic Rap Ever!!!

marvel comics avengers

After creating a rap using DC characters, IV Seconds looked into outdoing himself with a Marvel rap. IV Seconds incorporated the Spider-Man 1994 animated series opening to use as the beat for the song. This isn’t an MCU rap as he makes sure to include characters that are missing such as Arcade and Blackheart.

He uses more than just comics as Masterpieces trading card game also had to be seen and other media and merchandise were mentioned. Not every character within the Marvel universe made it in but he made sure that the characters he used made each look exciting to hear who would be mentioned next.

Daddyphatsnaps – “Stan”

Daddyphatsnaps is a YouTube rapper who is known for his work on all things nerdy. He takes inspiration from comics as he often uses a comic character to base a song around. This particular rap was written in dedication to Stan Lee after his tragic passing. He uses Eminem’s “Stan” to compose a tribute version to honor the iconic creator.

This song recalls the day that the rapper found out about the passing of Stan Lee. He recalls his childhood memory of him and how he used comics as an escape. He references the characters created by Stan Lee while explaining the lessons that he has learned through Spider-Man, Thor, and other legendary characters. This is a tribute using the inspirational characters to give out one last thank you to the man who inspired many.

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