10 Things That Make Thor The Best Warrior In Comics

Since his debut in the Silver Age, Thor has been one of Marvel’s foremost warriors. Armed with the hammer, Mjolnir, the God of Thunder has been battling evil head-on for years. His defense of Asgard and Midgard has made him a legend, and his martial skill is nearly unmatched. Many have tried to destroy Thor, but none of them have ever succeeded.

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Thor is more than just godly power; he’s a warrior like few others, one who never stops fighting no matter what the odds. Whether it be on his own by him or with the Avengers, an argument can be made that Thor is the greatest warrior in comics.

10 He’s Battled The Greatest Threats To Asgard For Millennia Before He Became A Superhero

As the son of Odin, Thor was raised to battle against the enemies of Asgard. From a young age, he, his adopted brother Loki, his friends from him Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg, and on again, off again lover Sif were trained in the arts of war and put on the front lines. Thor excelled, fighting against dark elves, frost giants, and the fire demons of Muspelheim.

He defended his homeland from its ancient enemies and protected the Earth when those conflicts spilled over. He’s been battling evil for millennia, honoring his skills and becoming a legend that would one day become one of Earth’s greatest superheroes.

9 He Became Asgard’s Greatest Warrior

Thor’s years defending Asgard saw him become the realm’s greatest warriors, which is saying something. The gods and inhabitants of the realm are some of the most skilled warriors among the various pantheons of the gods, with even the weakest Asgardians being greater than their equivalent elsewhere. Thor was able to go beyond everyone else, including his illustrious father, to become the greatest warrior in the history of Asgard.

His battles in Asgard were a precursor to what was come. He proved himself among a people that were as martial as they came, mastering a variety of weapons and pulling to the head of a very crowded and skilled pack.

8 Even Without Most Of His Power, He Still Tried To Fight Evil

unworthy thor olivier coipel

When Thor lost his worthiness to Mjolnir, it was the end of his time as God of Thunder but not as a hero. Thor had lived a life where all he did was fight, and he was not going to stop that because of the loss of most of his powers. He had to prove that he was still himself, still the Odinson, even if he was no longer the God of Thunder, so he threw himself back into the battle against evil.

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While he definitely had some setbacks, losing an arm in battle, he learned his limits and continued the fight against evil. He was a warrior through and through; he couldn’t just sit out the fight because he was weaker than before.

7 He’s The Avengers’ Greatest Warrior

The Avengers are Earth’s Greatest Heroes, a team consisting of the most powerful heroes on the planet and beyond. Thor is a founding member of the group and set the bar pretty high. Many fine warriors have joined the team over the years, but even they will admit that Thor is the team’s greatest. He set the tone for everyone who came after him.

Thor is always the first to throw himself at the most powerful enemies. It doesn’t matter how powerful they are; he’s the first one into the breach, protecting his friends from him in the Avengers. He’s set an example that no other Avenger has been able to exceed.

6 He Should Be The God Of Bravery As Well As Thunder

The Marvel Universe is full of brave gods, and the Asgardians are the bravest of all. Asgardians can be killed in battle and often stay dead longer than their fellow deities. Their entire culture balances on a knife’s edge, with Ragnarok waiting to end the whole thing at any time. They’re surrounded by enemies on all sides, with war rarely ceasing on their borders. This is the environment Thor grew up in.

Thor is the God of Thunder, but he may as well be the God of Bravery as well. He’s always put his life on the line without any second thought and has no fear. His bravery from him is off the charts, carrying him forward in the worst situations with no fear.

5 He Has The Power To Stand Up To The Greatest Foes

Thor 23 Cropped

Thor’s power as the God of Thunder has come in handy many times over the years. While power doesn’t make a warrior great, it does make a huge difference in the types of battles Thor finds himself in. Whether it be as an Avenger or on his own, Thor faces the kinds of threats that only a warrior with his power can stand against.

Thor’s control over the weather, amazing strength and durability, and the various energies that Mjolnir gives him access to have allowed him to battle foes that would destroy a lesser hero. All of that power, combined with his skill from him, has made him the best of the best.

4 He Puts Himself Against The Deadliest Threats In The Universe

A warrior is defined by the enemies they face, and if that’s the case, then Thor is easily among the greatest. The God of Thunder faces down against the most dangerous villains in the Nine Realms and beyond, fighting mythological threats, cosmic predators, and dastardly supervillains. He’s constantly put himself into the thick of the greatest conflicts the Marvel Universe has ever known.

Warriors do battle against the deadliest threats, and Thor is an exemplary on that count. His foes from him would freeze the blood of the stoutest heart, and yet Thor faces off against them with a smile, the lust for battle in his heart from him.

3 His Greatest Enemy Is A Being Who Lives By Subterfuge

Thor and Loki Blood Brothers Thor Loki Comic Marvel

Loki is one of Marvel’s greatest villains, and he and Thor’s relationship is interesting when it comes to Thor’s place as the greatest warrior. A warrior like Thor faces front and places himself between the innocent and the evil. Loki is a master of trickery, someone who would rather stick a knife in his foe’s back than battle them face to face.

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Subterfuge is a part of war, and a smart warrior knows when to use it, but it can be a coward’s way of doing things. Loki learned to fight with his fellow gods but embraced the ways of trickery instead of the warrior teachings of his adopted people from him. He and Thor are diametrically opposed, and his trickster nature makes Thor’s warrior heart seem all the stronger.

two He Has The Greatest Weapon

Mjolnir is one of the greatest weapons in the Marvel Universe. Odin placed most of his son’s power into it to teach Thor a lesson, adding to its already considerable might. A warrior is only as good as his weapon from him, and Mjolnir is a weapon like few others. Thor can use a variety of weapons but none of them as well as he does Mjolnir.

Mjolnir has made the difference for Thor in many battles. It is a singular weapon unlike any other, and while others can use it, none have the skill with it that Thor does. Thor and Mjolnir are one in a very real way, as only the greatest warriors are with their weapons.

1 He Saves The Day By Fighting

donny cates' thor holding the mjolnir

Thor is unique among his fellows in many ways, but some things are the same. Great heroes always stand on the front lines, but some are better at it than others. Some excel at fighting and some at saving others; some can do both. Thor, more than anything else, is a warrior born. He doesn’t save the day by rounding up civilians and getting them to safety, but by destroying the threats to them.

A warrior is all about battle and protecting the innocent behind them by destroying all of the threats ahead of them. Thor doesn’t think his way around problems, and he’s just about useless behind the lines; however, put him up front with enemies to destroy, and he will always save the day.

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