A Classic Wonder Woman Villain Returns To DC Comics, With A Twist

The preview for Sensational Wonder Woman #1 harkens to the return of the Golden Age villain, Blue Snowman, as a threat rather than a joke.

Warning: contains preview pages of Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1!

An exclusive preview for Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1 reveals the return of Golden Age villain, Blue Snowman, to DC Comics. just like batman, wonder-woman has her share of goofy villains no one has ever heard of. Many of DC’s old heroes and villains have been lost to time, with very few of them adapted for modern comics. Blue Snowman is reappearing again as a major villain, which begs the question: are they here to stay?

First appearing in Sensation Comics #59, created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, Byrna Brilyant, originally introduced as The Snowman, was one of Wonder Woman’s regular rivals. Similar to villains, Hypnota and Doctor Poison, Brilyant used a masculine identity to commit crimes. By using blue snow invented by their father de ella, Brilyant created a ‘telescopic freeze ray’ which they would use to freeze people, crops and animals. While the blue snow continued to freeze everything it touches, The Snowman would demand money in exchange for the antidote. Brilyant was also one of the founding members of the first all-female villain team in comics, Villainy Incorporated. Eventually, they were renamed the Blue Snowman before their presence in comics became near-nonexistent.


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The Blue Snowman’s most recent appearance was in the 80-page Valentine’s Day special since 2021, DC: Love is a Battlefield, where the Blue Snowman interrupts Diana’s date with Steve Trevor. the New 52 gave Brilyant a much-needed revamp, transforming them to a menace in a mech-suit. In a story by Crystal Frasier and Juan Gedeon, this version the Blue Snowman joins the cast of Love is a Battlefield, shocking Steve when the mask is removed to reveal a feminine face. Brilyant explains: “Sometimes I know I’m a guy, okay? Sometimes I’m not. Only then does Brilyant learn the term “genderfluid” from a waiter who also identifies as such. While previously, the Blue Snowman has been referred to as a woman disguised as a man or “a villain with gender issues” as a joke, this development adds a layer of depth to the character. In Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1 from Scott Kolins, Paul Pelletier, Alitha Martinez, Stephanie Nicole Phillips, and Paula Sevenbergen, Blue Snowman returns once again to cover the East Side with blue snow.

Blue Snowman freezes city in Sensational Wonder Woman

Sensational Wonder Woman faces the snow

It should be noted that when referring to the Blue Snowman, neither Diana nor her contact refer to Brilyant with gendered pronouns. This could be an indication of the Blue Snowman’s identity being accepted into the DC canon and by Wonder Woman herself. While the Blue Snowman does not appear in the preview pages, fans may be left to speculate whether the suit will receive an upgrade. From what can be seen, Brilyant’s blue snow is already spreading quickly over the city landscape, putting civilians in severe danger. Wonder Woman will need to act fast in the pages that follow to save the city from a frosty demise.

Hopefully, this issue will give the Blue Snowman a place in the rogues gallery of today’s Wonder Woman. With all the Greek gods and users of the mystic arts wonder-woman finds herself up against, a scientist in a mech-suit feels like a breath of fresh air. Maybe the Blue Snowman is finally cool enough for DC.

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