Author Sharmila Panirselvam’s New Book Shares her Journey to Finding Christianity

‘In Search of Deeper Things in Life’ explores the author’s early life and special experiences with God

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) March 28, 2022

Author Sharmila Panirselvam’s new book “In Search of Deeper Things in Life” shares her life story and her journey to find God. Panirselvam was raised in a Hindu household, as she grew older, she explored a variety of religions in search of answers to her many questions from her.

As a young teen, the author began to have a lot of questions about life. She wondered what would happen if her parents of her died or if she died. She also wonders why some people were born deaf, blind or with other disabilities. One of her friends introduced her to Taoism so she began to explore the possibility of it holding the answers she was looking for. She later explored Islam wondering if it held the answers, but it wasn’t until after college that she found Christianity held the answers she was looking for.

“After moving to the US my friends brought me to church, at first I was apprehensive but after listening to the pastor speak all of my burning questions were answered,” said Panirselvam. “It was like everything made sense, everything I questioned for some many years finally made sense.”

The book has received praise including from an Amazon Reviewer, “This is such an inspirational book to me. The author certainly has a love for Jesus. It is the perfect size not too many pages and delivers the message. Keep your faith. Don’ t let anyone stop you from searching for what’s in your heart. I can feel the anointing when reading this book. The biblical scriptures are on point. It helps me feel better just by reading it.”

“In Search of Deeper Things in Life” doesn’t end with the author finding God, it shares special experiences she has had as well as the reflection of the journey after encountering God for many years. The author hopes that her book by Ella will help others with lingering questions find the answers in God.

“In Search of Deeper Things in Life”

By Sharmila Panirselvam

ISBN: 9781664243705 (softcover); 9781664243712 (electronic)

Available at Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author

Sharmila Panirselvam was born and raised in Malaysia. She earned her master’s degree in Nursing and has worked in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and currently works in California. “In Search of Deeper Things in Life” is Panirselvam’s first book of hers. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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