Gambling Fiction Books You Will Like

What if you want to read gambling fiction books? Well, the first thing is knowing which ones you should read. Nowadays, when the majority of games at casino sites in the UK without exclusion are animated, many non-GamStop players want to read something entertaining about gambling. This list is all about that. Below we will reveal a few books that stand out and that deserve your full attention. All of these can help you have a lot of fun and enjoy reading about gambling. You will probably want to gamble or play casino games for free once done.

Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas

Casino is a simple book that is ideal to read and have fun with. The author of the book is Nicholas Pileggi and here he will explain the life of mobsters in Las Vegas. He will explore their life and what they must do in order to achieve the ultimate goal. To make money. The main characters are Frank and Anthony. The problem or better said one of the problems is the fact Frank’s wife is cheating on him with Anthony.

This book is like no other. You will always want to turn the second page and you will want to continue reading in order to see what will happen and how it will end. We will never tell you how the book will end. You have to read it and realize that.

Angel Says

Almost all people who have read this book loved it. We agree with them and we believe that you will like it as well. It was created by an artist, Brian Rouff. This was his first novel by him. The main character in the book is called James Delaney Jr. He has a bar with some gambling machines in Las Vegas of course. But, he is also recovered from a gambling addiction. The problem begins when his bar is burglarized. This is the bar he has inherited from his father. $12,000 are stolen (the money is stolen from video poker machines in the bar).

Police and IRS believe his employee did that. As such, they want him to recover the money. Only then he can have his bar back. The problem is massive and James has already lost his marriage and his life due to gambling problems. He meets a homeless person who is known as Dice Angle. He can help him recover all the money playing craps. Will he manage to do that?

Royal Casino

Casino Royale is actually a book. Yes, there is a movie with the same name and the plot is similar but the movie comes from the book written by Ian Fleming back in 1953. The main scene of the movie and the book take place in a casino where James Bond will play a game with Spy Le Chiffre. He is a spy, from Russia and he is a mastermind.

The House Always Wins

The House Always Wins is written by another well-known artist, Brian Rouff. Here we can see that the main character is Anna who comes from a small town in the United States. She fell in love with a reporter and she moved to Las Vegas. They have a house there. She is pregnant and has a child. The house is haunted by the way.

The main problem starts when a businessman wants to buy the house and make a massive parking lot out of it. Anna will fight this businessman and she will refuse to sell the house. If you take a look at the title, you can see that the fight will be impressive and you can imagine the end. Read it and you will know.

God Doesn’t Shoot Craps

God Doesn’t Shoot Craps is created by one of the great artists called Richard Armstrong. Here we can see that the main character in the tale is Danny Pelligrino. He is a conman and he uses direct mail to cheat people and win. But eventually, he meets a man called Virgil. I have invented a special formula that is ideal for playing craps. Using the formula, a person can become rich within minutes. Every single bet will be very profitable.

At first, things are going well and Danny is winning big time. The formula really works. But, the mafia soon notices them and their formula. This is the time when Danny must do a lot of things in order to escape the mob. The tale is very interesting and it is loaded with adrenaline, thrill and so much. It is something you will need to read if you want gambling fiction.

Sex, Lies, And Video Poker

Bob Dancer wrote this amazing novel that impressed the readers. It is an erotic novel as well which makes it even more interesting. In the book, the main character is Chris George. He is a successful businessman who is in love. In order to meet and charm the love of his life from him, he must learn how to play video poker and impress the girl. Yes, I can do that. But, he also must cope with a sister in law who wants him in the bed.

Keep in mind that Bob Dancer is a professional when it comes to video poker and he teaches people how to play it. He is also a great writer who made this novel special and it truly stands out from the crowd.

The final word

These books are about gambling, thrilling events and so much more. They will keep you busy for a long period of time and you can expect to have a great time with each one. There are many comprehensive reviews about these books, so you can easily find the one you like. Also, you can find books about gambling addiction, psychology, and all other kinds of related topics. Keep in mind that some books are hard to read and they will need a lot of time. But, all of them are interesting and can help you see all sides of gambling.

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