An exclusive wcatch capsule showcases rare collectibles from Now Till 22na april at Scott’s Square #01-11

SINGAPORE, March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JeweLuxe has announced an exceptional showcase of timepieces that journeys back in time and revisits the design and engineering milestones in mechanical watchmaking, that have captured the collectors’ imagination. From the masters at Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemar Piguet, to the contemporary watchmakers leaving a trail of achievement and global recognition such as Konstantin ChaykinOphion, Singer, it is an exploration of the watchmaker’s quest of legacy – their vision, inspirations, adventures and passions – in creating and perfecting their timeless masterpieces.

Nelson Lee, co-founder of JeweLuxe has also announced the official debut of A&N Luxury Group (the Group), a fast-growing tech-based organization in the luxury watch industry. A&N Luxury Group is the exclusive retailer of leading independent watch brands including Konstantin ChaykinL’Epee 1839, Ophion & Singer Reimagined.

According to Nelson, the appreciation for timepiece collectibles is reaching new heights while the appetite for independent, intriguing yet more accessibly-priced has opened up a brand new market of younger watch enthusiasts.

“We aim to cater for both the established, mature shoppers who are looking to add to their collection. At the same time, the pandemic has exposed an exciting opportunity to engage with younger generation shoppers who are serious about starting their own unique collection. Our extensive network with watch-makers around the globe provides us with a unique ability to secure very rare collectibles but also tap into exciting new contemporary designers. singapore shoppers will be excited,” said Nelson.

Singer Reimagined Flytrack Makes Singapore’s First Appearance

Singer Reimagined gives people a new appreciation by combining the fine art of high watchmaking and passion for automobile racing. A&N Luxury Group will unveil the brand’s latest, bold edition Flytrack Pulse and Flytrack Tachymeter, a first look for singapore.

Singer Flytrack Pulsometer with Matte Tobacco velvet-touch dial, ecru scale indexed to 15 beats. Circular brushed golden rehaut with black index, for easy reading. Rotating hour disc in black matte ceramic, featuring an ecru luminescent arrow. Brown camel leather strap, with orange stitching. Stainless steel folding buckle.

Flytrack Tachymeter Tachymeter is crafted with Matte black velvet-touch dial and features a triple tachymetric scale, allowing measurement of average speeds from 20 to 300 Km/h. Circular brushed rehaut with black index for easy reading. Rotating hour disc in black matte ceramic featuring an orange luminescent arrow. Black soft calf leather strap, in rally style, with orange stitching. Stainless steel folding buckle.

The Garfield Limited Edition Timepiece by Azimuth

This collector’s item by Singapore’s first independent watchmaker, Azimuth, depicts Garfield, a global pop-culture icon, running away with a slice of pizza and sporting a cheeky smile. Based on Switzerlandthe intriguing design displays speed and fluidity as Garfield’s hand moves anti-clockwise in every time-telling position.

Azimuth is proud to bring Garfield into the world of haute Horlogerie with this quirky timepiece. A&N Luxury Group is certain that both Azimuth and Garfield fans who are self-confident, want comfort, and have that swagger-like attitude will be drawn to Azimuth’s philosophy of watchmaking.

Globally Sold Out L’Epee Pistol on Showcase
A&N Luxury Group, the exclusive retailer for L’Epee 1839 in singaporeselling the maison’s main products except for L’Epee MB&F Collection which is retailed by The Hour Glass, have secured the globally sold-out L’Epee pistol and Timefast D8 clocks for Singapore enthusiasts.

L’Epee 1839 is one of Switzerland’s leading clock manufacture. Based in Delémont, in the Swiss Jura, L’Epee 1839 specializes in the design and production of high-end mechanical clocks – an Art it has been perpetuating for over 180 years.

Ophion Chooses A&N Luxury Group as its Exclusive Retailer

Ophion, the Spanish watch brand synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship and affordable price has selected A&N Luxury Group to be its first international retailer. The brand enters the singapore market with its first precious metal, limited edition series in rose gold.

Named after the Titan-king in Greek mythology, Ophion embodies the ambition to give free rein to creativity and imagination and to master Time itself. Each model revives a historical time or event, bringing back forgotten designs and complications. The inspirations for every Ophion timepiece are drawn from anywhere and everywhere, so that nothing is prohibited in the quest to create unhindered, authentically creative and exciting timepieces.

Rare Patek Philippe Nautilus ref.3700 on Showcase

Three extremely rare exclusive Patek Philippe Nautilus ref.3700 has also been secured for JeweLuxe by 2ToneVintage. In its all its original glory and non-serviced parts, the Nautilus was released later than the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet and offered a different take on the idea of ​​a luxury sports watch, though like the Royal Oak is a steel sport watch born out of a single man’s vision – Gerald Genta.

The early 1970s was a turbulent time for the watch industry, and the concept of a luxury watch in steel was a truly revolutionary idea. In 1976, the introduction of Patek Philippe Nautilus firmly altered the direction of luxury sports watch design – offering a true competitor to Audemars Piguet’s then four-year-old Royal Oak. The reference 3700 Nautilus is often referred to as ‘Jumbo’, on account of its relatively imposing size for the period.

Russian Master’s Timepieces for singapore and Globally Sold Out Limited Edition Minion Watch on Display

A talented Russian inventor and master of high watchmaking, Konstantin Chaykin combines sophisticated mechanics and incredible artistic execution to create mechanical art with proprietary calibers. Fifteen years ago, the young Chaykin, armed only with books and drawings, single-handedly built the first ever Russian clock with a flying tourbillon, reviving the industry for modern fine watchmaking in Russia. Since then, Chaykin has registered over 70 patents for his innovative movements and inventions in general mechanics. Today, Chaykin is recognized by the international fine watchmaking community and is a member of the prestigious Académie Horlogère Des Créateurs Indépendants.

Most recently, he was celebrated for his Limited Edition Minion Watch presented in 40mm stainless steel case. Only 38 pieces were produced featuring the new automatic caliber K.07-3.

The entire From Beginning of Time capsule is open to public and on display at JeweLuxe Pop-Up Gallery located at #01-11 Scott Square, singapore.

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A&N Luxury Group (the Group) is a fast-growing tech-based organization in the luxury watch industry and is looking to expand its operational team amid the growth they are experiencing. Established in 2021 by Ali Naël (CEO, 2ToneVintage Watches) and Nelson Lee (Co-Founder, JeweLuxe International) and supported by Angela Loh (CEO, JeweLuxe International), the Group is well-geared to transform the luxury watch industry with the founders’ experiences and reputation. Evident through its tagline “Reinventing Watch Culture”, the Group is not just an addition to the watch retail and distribution industry in the market.

The Group consists of 3 businesses in retail & distribution, subsidiary tech and media, and emphasizes on growth by efficient, sustainable and a balanced approach for both internal and external businesses. Since its inception in 2021, the Group have achieved well its goals, having crystallized the exclusive retailship for top independent brands like Konstantin ChaykinL’Epee 1839, Ophion & Singer Reimagined, and a record-breaking 7-figure sales into its first year alone.


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