Minority Female Writer Speaks Up On Trauma, Toxic Relationships, Consent, And A Path To Healing

Author Petra Mourany holds a copy of her book at her book release party

Cover art of the book

Cover art of the book “To My Second Love”

Writer and life coach Petra Mourany’s poetry book aims to unite and heal the sufferings shared by the female collective.

Petra’s writing is strikingly raw, honest, and deeply moving. Each poem drips with power. She is bringing forth the emotions and untold stories that women like myself have kept locked up too long.”

— book release attendee

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author and coach Petra Mourany recently debuted her new poetry book titled To My Second Love which has been met with immense praise. The book’s title is a nod to the second of the three love archetypes and covers themes including love, pain, trauma bonding, inner child wounding, consent, heartbreak, and healing. Poetic, unexpected, and musically fluid, To My Second Love promises the reader a message much deeper than just love poetry. It opens the conversation on the societal attack on healthy intimacy.

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” says Petra Mourany with a wink. “But really! My book takes readers on a storytelling journey through the highs and lows of love, and I do not shy away from topics often viewed as taboo by society.”

Mourany is passionate about the vision and mission behind the book. “I was inspired to write it because I wanted to raise awareness of the woundings all too often experienced by the female collective, and offer a space for deep realization, followed by empowerment and upliftment.”

Perhaps the bravest aspect of Mourany publishing a book that covers topics often whispered in dark corners and carried with shame is that she is of a traditionally Middle Eastern background.

“When I was writing it, I kept thinking to myself, will I really go forward with this? My family will be horrified!” Mourany laughs. “But I knew in my heart that the importance of the message superseded any of my personal hesitations. The world needs to hear this message. We cannot afford to remain silent about it any longer.”

The book’s launch was celebrated among ocean views in Venice, Los Angeles with a well-attended crowd rallying around Mourany’s heartfelt creation. People from all walks of her life showed up to hear her live poetry readings and pick up their exclusive special edition signed copy of her. There was not a dry eye in the room as the sun set and Mourany led a powerful reading of “Flowing Words From A Torn Rose,” a key poem from the new book.

“To say this book broadened my perspective as a man is an understatement,” said Dr. Alexander Heyne, attendee of the launch party. “Petra’s writing is strikingly raw, honest, and deeply moving. Each poem drips with power. She is bringing forth the emotions and untold stories that women like myself have kept locked up too long. Her work by her is liberating, ”said her friend Elodie Djeurmayne.

To My Second Love is available for purchase internationally on Amazon right now via paperback and e-book, and will be coming to more sellers and bookstores in the near future.


About Petra Mourany: Published author, life coach, and spiritual mentor Petra Mourany is a third-culture kid and world traveler who aims to make a positive impact on society through powerful storytelling and healing. Born in Ohio to Syrian immigrant parents and brought up in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, Mourany has a worldly outlook and empathy for humans of all walks of life. Mourany worked at big ticket tech companies like Google and Snap in Los Angeles before breaking the corporate mold to become a fearless entrepreneur. Mourany is the author of the critically acclaimed poetry book To My Second Love which has received bountiful five-star ratings and rave reviews.


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