New Book by Author Harold Kalve – A Book That Deserves To Be Read by Anyone With an Open Mind

Harold Kalve’s The Essence of Food is a timely reminder of the importance of what we put into your bodies and the role it plays in our overall health and wellbeing. As someone who has spent decades in the food industry, Kalve is uniquely placed to put pen to paper in his own inimitable way. From one page to the next you’ll be taken on a sincere journey that guides you through one man’s weight loss journey as he reassesses his relationship with food. Along the way you’ll hear about new ideas, engage with new perspectives and find ways to revalue where you are in your own life.

“My idea was to be open and honest in every word I wrote and to provide an accessible account of my own story. In a world in which fad diets and culinary trends are everywhere you look, I wanted to go back to basics and keep things personal and authentic. I’m not trying to convert or persuade anymore – it’s more about opening up a discussion and providing a new point of view. Something to sit and reflect on in your own time.”

This is certainly an interesting way to approach things, so why now? And why such a complex topic?

“I’ve always been fascinated by this topic and wanted to get my thoughts and ideas down on paper sooner rather than later. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for decades, so I hope my experience allows me to look at things from a different angle that will get people thinking, reflecting and engaging with one another. Food is such a fundamental part of our lives, and yet we have never reached a consensus on what we should be eating and how we should approach healthy living. My hope is that my own experiences will add weight to one side of the argument and help those who are unsure about which way to turn.”

And what does he hope to achieve in the year ahead?

“I want to help start and then shape a discussion around food, how we view it, and how we can use it to live happier, healthier lives in as many ways as possible. It’s all about opening eyes and opening minds in a way that will allow people to share their experiences. I hope that I can play some small part in this journey and that it will take many people to the destination they have been searching for. If nothing else, I’ve found the act of getting my own experiences down on paper one that’s truly uplifting and liberating in equal measure.”

Visit today and explore a thoughtful account of one man’s story and how it can change the way you think about life.

Harold Kave can be contacted for interviews and speaking appearances on the details below. He will also be attending the LA Times Festival Books with a view to engaging with a wider audience.


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