Renaissance Dreams: Life’s Journey Through Poetry

Rejuvenates From The Painful Life and Hurdle To Survive Through Writing and Poetry

“Suddenly a light comes shining through, leading me down a path to find my way out of the dark. Brightness touched my soul with peacefulness, and there I stayed to complete my life’sjourney.”—”

— Juanita Gaskin

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 28, 2022 / — Author Juanita Gaskin will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming London Book Fair 2022 with her published book titled Renaissance Dreams: Life’s Journey through Poetry. The book is memorabilia about life in poetry and photography of the author. Juanita, who had suffered dormant life and depression, relieves and heals herself through poetry. It was her form of therapy de ella and gave her the strength to push beyond the madness to find the inner self that was lost.

It’s a challenge within yourself, working hard on your own and knowing that no one’s there to help you or support you. You doubt yourself if that confidence and strength to keep you through will flourish. It takes a thin light of hope to keep pushing forward. The author wants to share that her book by Ella is to help others find the courage to hold on just a little longer. Strings and ropes attached to your life will keep you strong and not break down. Take a peak and continue hoping.

A fantastic lady who grew up in Harlem, New York, author Juanita Gaskin who never knew what possibilities awaited her loves reading and making poetry. She received a degree in English / Creative Writing, which helped her in achieving her goals. Paris was her muse of her, opening her to a new life direction.

Renaissance Dreams: Life’s Journey through Poetry
Written by: Juanita Gaskin
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