Savannah GA poet Chris Williams wins Button Poetry 2021 video contest

Local poet Chris Williams saw a meme, wrote a poem, and won Grand Champion of Button Poetry’s 2021 Video Contest.

Of course, a lot happened in between, so let’s get into it.

Anyone who knows Williams knows he likes to laugh. It’s a laugh that bursts and fizzes like blue razz pop rocks in Coca-Cola. It’s a laugh that reveals a deep connection to his inner child of him, a trait that serves him well, especially in his job of him as a site coordinator for the Deep Center’s Young Author Project, a creative writing program for junior high youth in Savannah and surrounding areas.

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It’s this laugh that erupted when he was scrolling on social media one day and came across a post listing various events in pop culture that lasted longer than the Confederacy, that is, longer than four years spanning 1861-1865.

Chris Williams recently won Button Poetry's video contest

At first, Williams just thought about making his own meme and adding to the fun, but as the list got longer, he saw the potential in making it a poem. So, I did. “I wrote it real quick,” Williams says. “I took like an hour, maybe, writing it, and I was like, cool, you know, just fun.”

He took that fun little piece and performed it at an open mic. Afterward, his coworker and friend Marquice Williams took him aside and said, “I feel like it has the potential to go viral and be popular.”

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