We concocted revenge fantasy after this insult

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Some close friends were planning a dinner party and called to include my spouse and me. Dinner was at 6 pm, and we were invited to join the party at 8 pm for dessert.

Our first reaction was one of surprise, confusion and hurt feelings. Certainly, we do not expect invitations for all events, but this felt wrong, as if we were not valued.

We gently declined the invitation, but later wondered if our feelings were misplaced. Is this something new? Are we the uninformed? If so, our online searches revealed little to us.

Devilishly, we then mused about reciprocating the invitation, including a dinner upgrade, but serving last night’s leftover meatloaf to these friends as the other guests feasted on tenderloin. We did not execute this plan, but the snickering helped anesthetize our wounded feelings. Are we missing something new?


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