7 Halo Comics To Read After The Show

The long-awaited Halo series has been fired upon the galaxy! So far, the show has received a lukewarm reception from both fans and critics alike, but hope springs eternal. With at least two seasons to get through, this series still has plenty of time to win those groups over and convert new followers for this great journey.

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While most people associate Halo with its first-person shooter gameplay, the storytelling and lore are just as pivotal to the franchise as its competitive multiplayer. For new fans interested in the concepts brought up in the show, there are several multimedia avenues to further explore in this universe. With videogames being a visual medium, perhaps the best alternative to television are Halo comics.

7 Go On A Black Op With Black Team

Halo: Blood Line Covers

In 2009, Fred Van Lente and Francis Portela introduced Black Team – a secret unit of Spartan-IIs. Halo: Bloodline focused on the family-like ties between the four members of Black, as well as the brotherhood of their alien Covenant adversaries with all the ups and downs that come with those attachments.

This tale is unique among many Halo stories as it depicts the often impenetrable Spartans dealing with emotions like love and envy. With the first season of Halo seemingly setting up a more human story for Master Chief, bloodline is an interesting comic that sees Spartans painted with a more flawed brush.

6 Collateral Damage Showcases One Of Chief’s Early Missions

collateral damage is a three-issue series by David Crosland and Alex Irvine centered on a teenage John-117 during some of the earliest moments of the Human-Covenant War. In a similar fashion to the beginning of the Paramount+ show, this limited series put Master Chief’s Blue Team in contact with Insurrectionists – human forces who oppose the Unified Earth Government of the 26th Century.

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While brief, this story is great at exhibiting how John interacts with others – both his teammates and people who don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with him. Plus, it’s packed with plenty of quintessentially Master Chief-style action.

5 Explore The Monthly Adventures Of Escalation

Spartan Throne and Commander Palmer

While perhaps not remembered fondly by some lore lovers of the Halo community, escalation was the first and only ongoing Halo comic series. For twenty-four issues, escalation explored several facets of the Halo Universe, including the return of main series fan-favorite Arbiter, the reintroduction of Spirit of Fire from the RTS spinoff halo warsand even a cameo (so to speak) of Black Team from bloodline.

This series can serve as a digestible springboard for new fans interested in delving into the wider Halo lore. It should also hold over anyone waiting for another ongoing series.

4 Maleev And Bendis Leave Their Mark With Uprising

Master Chief from Uprising

Arguably at the height of Halo’s popularity, frequent collaborators Alex Maleev and Brian Michael Bendis got together again for Halo: Uprising. Set between the events of Halo 2 and 3, this comic showcases some brilliant action of Chief aboard the Forerunner ship he was left on at the end of 2. However, much of the story revolves not around cyborg super-soldiers but rather normal people from the 26th Century version of Bendis’ hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

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Being set between entries in the main series, this comic doesn’t add too much to the overall mythos. However, it features beautifully rendered moments worthy of the title. It’s also a great snapshot of civilian life in the Halo Universe.

3 Jump Feet-First Into Helljumper

Halo ODSTs Dutch and Romeo

Orbital Drop Shock Troopers or ODSTs are elite UNSC Marines who land on planets behind enemy lines in one-man drop pods. Legendary science-fiction scribe Peter David partnered with Eric Nguyen to explore these futuristic paratroopers in hell jumper. Players of the spinoff game Halo 3: ODST will recognize lead characters Romeo and Dutch, who are fleshed out with backstories in this series.

ODSTs offer an interesting flavor to the Halo world as they have the cool factor of Spartans but retain the human frailty of Marines. As of the first episode, ODSTs haven’t made the jump to the television screen, but hell jumper is a great way to get to know them before they do.

two The First Ever Halo Comic

Master Chief from the Halo Graphic Novel

The aptly named The Halo Graphic Novel anthology book brought Halo into the sequential art medium for the first time. Featuring stories including exploration of the Covenant, the creation of UNSC propaganda, and the survival of Halo: Combat Evolved character, Sgt. Johnson, The Halo Graphic Novel cast a wide net over the Halo Universe.

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As much as it’s a great addition to Halo, it’s also just a beautiful collection of art. With brilliant interiors by the likes of Simon Bisley and Moebius and an iconic cover by Phil Hale, no art fan can afford to miss it.

1 The Story That Started It All

Halo Spartan-IIs

Eric Nylund’s The Fall of Reach was a seminal prose novel that almost everything since has built upon. Split into three limited series – bootcamp, Covenantand Invasion – Halo: Fall of Reach is an excellent adaptation by Brian Reed and brought to life by Felix Ruiz. This story follows John-117’s kidnapping, training, and subsequent enhancement into a legendary Spartan.

The titular Reach has already made an appearance in the Paramount+ series, so new fans may want to hold off on this series to avoid the planet’s ultimate fate. However, to fully appreciate the Master Chief’s history and the Spartan-II program, this is required reading.

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