Ash Barty superfan devotes poem to ‘the girl with dreams and a clever game’

Renée Jones is something of an Ash Barty superfan.

The 39-year-old from Brisbane has followed Ash’s career for years, and she has vivid memories of late nights spent watching Ash’s first two grand slam victories.

“I’ve watched every one of her grand slam wins. I remember staying up late to remember her Roland-Garros victory in 2019,” she says.

“I stayed up and watched Wimbledon last year [and] we all as a family watched her match [at the Australian Open final] in January.”

Like many Australians, Renée felt a mix of emotions after hearing that Ash was hanging up her racket.

We spoke to Renée to hear what Ash Barty has meant to her — in her words.

A role model difficult to replace

Ash Barty has been an absolute delight to watch.

I like her attitude in the press room and I like her attitude to her opponents.

I have two young children, and over the summer when we were watching her on TV, we talked a lot about the way that Ash carries herself, the way that she speaks about other people and the way that she speaks about her opponents.

My daughter plays cricket and we talk a lot about respecting the opposition and respecting the umpires and Ash is an excellent role model for all those things.

It was wonderful to have her at the top of the game and for her to be Australian was a bonus.


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