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Audiobooks are more popular than ever and it would seem their popularity isn’t slowing down any time soon! If you’re a publisher or writer looking to take your written work off the page and into your readers’ ears, our professional audiobook narrators are just what you need.

Audiobook narrators voice every type of long-form written work imaginable, including books, magazines, and even how to manuals. Whether it’s a children’s book, a sci fi thriller, or this year’s best selling romance novel, professional audiobook narrators skillfully transform the written word into an immersive auditory experience that delights the senses.

When it comes to narrating audiobooks, the process is a marathon, not a sprint. While looking for the right voice over professional to bring your written work to life, you’ll first want to consider the narrator’s audiobook experience to make sure they’re up for the task.

Creating an audio version of a book takes more than just reading, and audiobook narrators are often required to log long hours in the studio (or home studio) every day — meaning stamina and consistency is key. From the first page until the very last word, audiobook narrators need to keep a consistent pace, tone, and energy to keep listeners engaged.

By browsing a voice actor’s profile on Voices, you can listen to their audiobook demos and read reviews from their previous work as a narrator, helping you find an experienced audiobook voice actor for your project.

Audiobook narrators have the task of keeping the audience’s attention for long periods of time. The right audiobook narrator has the power to captivate readers and keep them tuned in long after they’ve reached their destination or finished their household chores.

Professional narrators know how to perfectly articulate a story and understand the importance of pacing. When listening to the custom auditions for your job on Voices, you’ll want to assess the voice actor’s fit as an engaging storyteller who can deliver a captivating performance that drives your plot forward and brings your characters to life.

Depending on the content of your audiobook and your intended target audience, there are four different types of narration you can consider for your project.

The first type to consider is the fully voiced reading, which is a form of solo narration. This is the most common type of audiobook narration, with all characters voiced by the single narrator with a creative and dramatic flair. The genres best suited to this style of narration include fantasy, middle grade, and young adult books.

The next type of audiobook narration to consider is the partially voiced reading. This is another example of a solo narration, but it differs from a fully voiced reading by focusing on giving certain characters, like the protagonist, a distinguished voice.

Partially voiced readings are well suited to audiobooks that feature many characters and may be hard to keep track of. General fiction, mystery, and fantasy are some of the genres best suited to partially voiced readings.

The third type of narration to consider is the unvoiced reading, which is another form of solo narration. While the name might imply this style of narration is silent, that’s not the case. Instead, the narrator simply reads the story in a straightforward and natural tone and does not assign dramatized voices to characters.

This type of narration lends itself to more serious works, but like all storytelling, it still calls for an element of emotion. The genres best suited to this style of narration include nonfiction, romance, and thrillers.

The final type of narration is the multicast reading or full cast reading. As the name implies, this type of audiobook narration features more than one voice actor. In a multicast reading, each voice actor will take on a different role — think of it like an audio play or dramatization. Multicast reads are typically suited for plays, fantasy, and children’s books.

No matter the type or style of audiobook narration you choose for your project, you can find what you’re looking for on Voices. Our professional audiobook narrators have voiced over 6,000 audiobooks to date and counting. Take a listen to our voice actors’ demos to find the right sound for your written work.

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