Calumet Editions Invents a New Business Model for Publishing in the Digital Age

Calumet Editions disrupts book publishing with its publisher/author joint venture business model. Publisher and author are equal partners, sharing both risk and reward. Book sales are driven by strategically designed E-commerce marketing campaigns on all major online platforms.

MINNEAPOLIS, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Calumet Editions leverages epochal shifts in book consumption, revolutionary print on demand delivery, and global marketing reach, to advance a new author-focused business model.

“Basically, what we have done is invent a new publishing archetype,” notes Ian Graham Leask, co-founder of Calumet Editions. “Our hybrid model combines professional editorial guidance and customized design, with the most advanced technologies for publishing and marketing.”

co-founder Gary Lindberg added, “Because we both were published authors ourselves, we understood all of the issues that exist within the traditional publishing industry. In the established model, authors receive little or no support once their book is released. Because we operate with authors as joint- ventures, it is incumbent upon us to build strong, nurturing relationships with them.”

Calumet Editions is an author-focused publisher on the leading-edge of change in the industry. Calumet seeks authors who want to develop a strong presence in publishing and are willing to work to achieve that goal through collaborative author branding. The old model — acquire rights, print, distribute, sell, return unsold copies, remainder, pulp, put the book out-of-print — is disastrously unsupportive for authors. Under its new publishing model, Calumet seeks authors who are willing to fully partner with the company to share the risks and the success.

Since its inception in 2014, Calumet Editions and its nonfiction imprint Wisdom Editions have published nearly two hundred books.

About Calumet Editions:
Calumet Editions is based on Minneapolis, Minn. Since 2012, Calumet Editions has been introducing exciting new authors, riveting stories, and insightful non-fiction works as quality paperbacks and Ebooks. For more information contact Anne Marie, 949.237.2906, Gary or visit:

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