Marvel: 10 Best Infinity Comics, Ranked

If Marvel fans want a nigh-unlimited archive of Marvel comics that’s sorted and organized for the reader’s pleasure, then Marvel Unlimited is the place for them. The app holds an Alexandrian-level library of comics from over the years and is updated weekly to add new issues.

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Along with their selection of previously published comics, Marvel Unlimited also creates their own books called Infinity Comics, which are optimized for digital reading. Since the issues are written on one long page, readers can scroll down to continue reading instead of flipping over to the next page, creating a comfortable reading experience on mobile devices. With the addition of Infinity Comics came a plethora of new stories for fans to enjoy.

10 Have A Bite-Sized Blast With Giant-Sized Little Marvels

Follow the wacky misadventures of the Little Marvels like never before in the Giant-Sized little marvels Infinity Comic. Written by Skottie Young, this series shows the miniature versions of Marvel’s heroes and villains doing funny skits in a classic, cartoony fashion.

The book is written in an anthology fashion, so each issue is its own unique story. Whether Rocket and Groot are searching the galaxy for a rare object, or Iron Man puts on an armor fashion show, fans can expect a fun adventure that’s bound to make them smile.

9 See The Epic Ancestory Of Kushala In Ghost Rider: Kushala

A book for fans of Marvel’s more curious and strange tales, Ghost Rider: Kushala is an exciting mystery filled with suspense and intrigue. The series focuses on Olivia Oberta, a paranormal journalist and a descendent of the woman who held the titles of Spirit Rider and Sorcerer Supreme, Kushala.

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Olivia investigates the mystery of her heritage while a conspiracy is afoot as Dr. Doom seeks a means to travel back in time. Written by B. Earl, this Infinity Comic will have the audience at the edge of their seat as a mind-boggling mystery unfolds before them.

8 Deadpool Features The Merc With The Mouth Teaming Up With An Unlikely Ally

In typical Deadpool fashion, Wade finds himself in a less than enviable job doing less than respectable things for mostly good reasons in his Infinity Comic. When the secrets of the Baxter Building fall into the hands of a black market auctioneer, everyone in the underworld wants to get their hands on it, including everyone’s favorite mercenary.

However, the villains aren’t the only interested party, as Sue Storm, AKA Invisible Woman, crashes the auction to retrieve the Fantastic Four’s property. Written by Gerry Duggan, fans can look forward to a comedic, action-packed journey as Deadpool and Sue work together to steal back the data before it can be used for evil.

7 Spider-Man’s Miniature Machines Get Into Trouble In Spider-Bot

When Spider-Man needs a hand, the Spider-Bot can do whatever the spider cannot. This Infinity Comic follows Peter’s robotic assistants as they cause all sorts of mayhem across Manhattan and, occasionally, around the world.

Written by Jordan Blum, Spider Bot combines wacky Spider-Man action with cute misadventures as his Spider-Bots take on numerous challenges, like taking on MODOK or grabbing a sandwich from the local deli. No matter what hijinks these little drones get into, Marvel fans will have a blast with the Spider Bot Infinity Comic.

6 Venom/Carnage Is Non-Stop, Symbiote Showdown Action

The heated rivalry between Venom and Carnage continues in this Infinity Comic smackdown. Because of his psychopathic need for murder, Cletus turns his bloodlust on the city of Las Vegas with a mysterious new scheme, which means Eddie is on the hunt to bring the super-serial killer down.

Written by Karla Pacheco, this Infinity Comic features constant action as the two symbiotic titans clash throughout sin city and constant quips from the two trying out their best material. Readers can expect some extreme violence while witnessing Venom and Carnage’s fierce battle.

5 Shang-Chi Must Stop A Bio-Weapon Of Global Proportions In His Infinity Comic

shang chi catching bullet

the Shang Chi Infinity Comic pits the master of kung fu against a scientific monstrosity. When an airborne bioweapon capable of turning people into plants is detonated in every major city in the world, Shang-Chi rises to the occasion to investigate the attack.

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Along with his allies Leiko Wu and White Fox, Shang fights against AIM and a crazed scientist called Dr. Gelsemium while searching for a way to reverse the effects of the bio-weapon. Writer Alyssa Wong brings readers an exciting story with enough kung-fu and sci-fi action to blow them away.

4 Watch The Webslinger Face Down Untold Horrors In Spine-Tingling Spider-Man

Marvel fans can witness Spider-Man like never before in the horror/suspense Infinity Comic Spine-Tingling Spider-Man. A series of bad dreams have beset the wallcrawler and robbed him of peaceful sleep and peace of mind. Written by Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra, this chilling story follows an exhausted Peter as he investigates a series of attacks while trying to find the source of his nightmares from him.

Additionally, this unique Spider-Man story features an original song, so any brave reader can listen to the eerie tune on Marvel’s website while they read.

3 X-Men Unlimited Shows Off The Wild World Of Krakoan Era X-Men

From AIM kidnapping mutants to ruined beach days, X Men Unlimited is an Infinity Comic that features a wide assortment of stories, and all of them are focused around the new nation of Krakoa. While Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men has featured prominent characters from across X-Men history, there are just too many mutants for everyone to get the spotlight.

With that in mind, Hickman is able to show off several fan-favorite characters in X Men Unlimited, like Cannonball, Nature Girl, Banshee, Strong Man, and Juggernaut. Long-time fans of the X-Men can expect to see beloved characters hitting the center stage in this Infinity Comic.

two Witness Logan’s History Unfold In Life Of Wolverine

Ever since the character’s debut in Incredible Hulk #180, Wolverine has seen more action than most. With a twisted history and persistent amnesia, the events of Logan’s life can seem muddled and unclear to most Marvel fans. Luckily, Jim Zub brings forward a comprehensive timeline for this X-Man in life of wolverine.

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When Wolverine allows Jean Gray to help him through a mind scan of his past, the audience sees his life play out from the beginning, starting in Alberta, Canada, during the late 19th century. From there, the book progresses through Logan’s greatest triumphs and tragedies, his life as a hero and a weapon, and everything in between. This Infinity Comic is a love letter to one of Marvel’s most well-known mutants, and any fan of Wolverine will enjoy the ride.

1 It’s Jeff Rates An 11/10 On The Cuteness Scale

As the most adorable little Landshark to ever grace the Marvel Universe, Jeff gets to star in his first solo adventure in the It’s Jeff Infinity Comic. Created by Kelly Thompson, G Gurihiru, and Stephen Wacker, It’s Jeff follows the lovable shark mutant on his many adventures in the marvel universe.

Readers can enjoy Jeff’s exploits as he has some fun at the pool, or accidentally gets stuck in the washing machine! On top of that, the book is written with little to no dialogue, which lets Jeff’s antics speak for themselves.

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