Modern Family: 10 Best Quotes, According To Reddit

over 11 seasons, modern-family features many hilarious pieces of dialogue from each main character. Fans enjoy hearing what Phil has to say about life, love, and family, especially when he’s talking about how different he is from Claire but how much he loves her. The quotes on this sitcom are memorable as sometimes, the characters are joking around and other times, they have something earnest and heartfelt to say.

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From a moving piece of life advice from Jay to some fan favorite Phil quotes, there are many modern-family lines that fans still remember.

10 Luke Wants To Play A Video Game

“But you learn about plants. And plants are life. Are you against life?

luke started a fire - modern family

Luke has many plans on modern-familybut a lot of the time, he wants to enjoy his free time, whether hanging out with his dad or playing video games.

Reddit user manzbot said that out of the great modern-family quotes, “My all time favorite has to be from Season 2” when Luke talks to Claire about playing the video game plants vs. zombie. This is a great comeback of Luke’s.

9 Phil Talks About Problems And Solutions

“Claire likes to say ‘You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution.’ But I happen to believe you can be both.”

An image of Phil and Claire smiling on Modern Family

Phil and Claire are an interesting modern-family couple. They sometimes agree but most of the time, they have to work hard to understand each other and get on the same page about their kids.

While Claire likes things to be organized and practical, Phil is more go with the flow, which is what makes this quote so funny. One Redditor likes when Phil says “I happen to believe you can be both” a problem or solution. This quote shows how different the characters are from each other.


8 Jay Gives Life Advice

“I’ve always seen life like a series of doors. Sometimes you get to choose the door you go through, and sometimes you don’t get that choice.”

While Phil always wants to spend time with Jay, sometimes Jay can be a bit resistant to being kind and supportive to this hilarious character. Sometimes, though, the two characters bond, and fans always love seeing this.

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One Redditor likes when Jay talks about life in the season 4 episode “Snip” and says “you can go through kicking and screaming, or walk through with your head held high.” It’s a sweet episode with Jay supporting Phil, who considers getting a vasectomy and decides not to.

7 Phil Talks About Making Lemonade

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like whaaat?”

An image of Phil Dunphy smiling in Modern Family

Fans love Phil’s modern-family quotes as he loves to think about life’s meaning and how he can help the people around him. Phil often comes up with his own way of looking at the world, which is something that many viewers love as Phil’s sayings are always hilarious.

Reddit user HaloManSR71 loves “Phil’s-osophy” when he turns this famous and classic saying on its head.

6 Phil Remembers Falling Off His Roof

“Not since I fell off the roof while they were delivering our trampoline have things come together so beautifully.”

when modern-family fans discuss their favorite quotes from the sitcom, the majority of quotes mentioned are from Phil. This makes sense since Phil has a unique and goofy way of thinking about his life experiences.

Reddit user mpeaky loves when Phil talks about the time when he “fell off the roof” and right onto a trampoline. If this was going to happen to anyone from the show, it would definitely be Phil, who embraces the silly parts of life.

5 Phil Talks About Birthdays

“Key to a good birthday? Low expectations”

In the season 1 episode “Game Changer,” Phil says this quote about birthdays, and Reddit user marinex loves when Phil talks about having “low expectations” when celebrating this day.

It’s a hilarious episode about Claire trying to purchase an iPad for Phil’s birthday, which is also one of the more realistic storylines.

4 Manny Talks About His Family

“The hero in my family is my family, because of who we are together”

Manny standing behind Luke at home on Modern Family

While Manny can be immature and mature on modern-familyhis storylines can be very moving, as he is sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve.

In the season 4 episode “My Hero,” Manny and Luke have a school project where they have to pick a hero from their family. Manny decides that all of his relatives are his heroes, which is heartwarming. Reddit user Artonriobells_777 loves this quote and wrote, “this was so relatable because i love my family so much.”

3 Arvin Talks To Haley About Love

Haley, there are forces in the universe that we don’t understand; measurable forces that can’t be explained, but cannot be denied and that’s what this is. I don’t get it, but I know that it’s real.”

Haley and Arvin don’t have as much in common as she does with Dylan or even Andy, which makes this an interesting part of Haley’s romantic history. Reddit user jucmalucoo likes this quote from Arvin, calling it the “heartfelt moment that resulted in one of the best relationships we saw in modern-family.”

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This quote is meaningful and inspiring, and Arvin is right that sometimes, people have to listen to their hearts and gut instincts when making a decision and moving forward in life.

two Phil Loves Legally Blonde

Haley: “In Legally Blonde Elle won her case because she was true to herself and dressed cute”

Phil: “Haley, this is real life not an excellent movie.”

Modern Family Phil and Haley

Haley grows up throughout every modern-family episode, but this beloved character maintains her love of life, fun personality, and sometimes ditzy comments.

Reddit user fabulously-frizzy loves the quote when Haley and Phil are talking about Legally Blonde and Phil calls it “an excellent movie.” This is not only hilarious but also a sweet moment between two characters who don’t always spend a lot of time together or bond a lot.

1 Manny Tells Jay That He’s His Dad

“You and me, today, that’s what I think of as father-son time.”

manny and jay prepare for a private school trip - modern family

One of the most important connections on modern-family is the one that Manny and Jay share. This grows over time, as they appreciate each other and know that they will always be there for one another.

Reddit user delilahcox likes when Manny tells Jay that he considers when they hang out together “father-son time.” This quote means a lot as Manny is glad that he’s in a place where he can say this to Jay and Jay is emotional hearing it.

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