Poetry speaking for all of us

Poet MIR Sharar always delighted the crowd at ‘mushairas’ in the Committee Hall of Gujrat, when famous prose poetry founder Mubarak Ahmad being an administrator used to organize ‘Mushairas’.

He at all times left the stage with a big smile on his face, several young audience members used to come up to him saying that they had become his fans. Similar was the experience of his female fans meeting him after every ‘mushaira’ saying they have been reading his poetry from him. “Are you really ‘Sharar?’ they gushed.’Mohabbat Naama’ is a poetry collection written by the poet, known as MIR Sharar, the trainer of Khaqan Khawar in poetry writing.

Poetry lovers consider his poetry great because it stays with them; a memory of the words, images, feelings, or ideas nudge them, hours or even days later. His ‘ghazals’ and ‘nazms’ are ones his readers somehow remember all of their life from him.

For the poetry lovers, this singular magic happens when they sense that the poet wrote deeply and with great care about strong emotion. His good poems by him, as well as great poems, vibrate with passion and energy.

It is difficult to choose varieties from his poetry. Readers look for poems with vitality, poems with emotional weight, poems that tickle them with their wordplay and cleverness, poems that delight them in the way that structure and words have interwoven, or poems whose content makes their mind tingle. When Sharar writes his own poetry lines, he loves to incorporate all of these elements in his poems by him.

The hallmarks of his poems are a combination of the freshness of vision, seeing the world in a new or unusual way, and being able to convey that to the readers as well as a fresh and unique use of language.

The poet wants poetry that his readers can understand which helps them to see something in a new way. He likes surprise endings that astound the readers or make them say, “That’s the way poetry should be.” He likes poems that have many layers. He likes poems with fascinating words that jingle and bounce or words that ask a riddle.

Love hits us all at some point in our lives, stimulating both young and old. Love creates a plethora of emotions that we are unable to control: joy, fear, happiness, vulnerability, insecurity, fulfillment, and sadness too. However, the poet seems bitten by the love bug in a special way, which is why he shares over years of his heart-wrenching emotions in his verses of him, written for the loved one that got away.

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