‘The Diamond Eye’ Is Marie Claire’s April Book Club Pick

Welcome to #ReadWithMCMarie Claire’s virtual book club. It’s nice to have you! In April, we’re reading Kate Quinn’s Diamond Eye, a novel about Mila Pavlichenko, the real-life Ukrainian girl who turned into one of World War II’s deadliest snipers. Read an excerpt from the novel below, then find out how to participate in our virtual book club. (You really don’t have to leave your couch!)

“Silence, please.” A human saber of a man with a scar on his brow and two St. George Crosses glittering on his chest de él came striding into the courtyard before the Osoaviakhim marksmanship school, surveying the double line of students arrayed in our new blue tunics. He allowed the stillness to stretch until a few flecks of snow came down from the steely sky, until we were shifting uneasily in our boots, then he spoke again in a voice like a rifle shot.

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