Amazon Kindle Tips and Tricks – Every Reader Should Know

The Kindle series from Amazon can put a bookstore in your hand. A Kindle, whether it be the basic Kindle, the incredibly ultra-portable Paperwhite, or the edge Oasis, can contain lots of books in its sleek black shell, with thousands more stored in the cloud. Having a Kindle allows you to store and read all of your books in one convenient location. You won’t have to carry multiple hefty books with you, and you’ll be able to quickly remember where you left off in your favorite novel without twisting the pages. Most Kindle people will not be able to use all of the functions offered on their gadgets.

Now is the time to uncover and explore the hidden features of your Kindle in order to improve your viewing experience. You can also get your kindle device online and track your order by 4px tracking We’ve compiled a list for you of all the Kindle tips and techniques you should try.

X-Ray Marks the Spot

A book can be wiser than you, and it can even be brilliant. The X-Ray feature improves a book’s intelligence by allowing you to quickly analyze its ideas, themes, famous figures, mythical creatures, and locations. When you’re reading a book, tap the edge of the screen, choose the three-dot menu, and then X-Ray. You’ll be able to look up additional information about the book’s important characters, places, and ideas, as well as see a timeline of important passages.

Highlight Your Text

This might be one of your favorite features on the Kindle if you recall the times of huge yellow highlighters in textbooks and notes on the sides. Drag your finger over the text you wish to highlight or note down a remark about to include more or less text. On your Kindle, it will then be greyed out. Comments, annotations, and sharing to Goodreads are among the options available when you tap it. Your highlights and notes are saved on the Kindle Highlights page and in a book called Your Clippings that is downloaded to your Kindle.

Create a Password for Your Kindle

If you’re concerned about security, you should require a password for your Kindle to prevent anyone from reading your books or other information saved on the device.

It’s simple to do. Press ‘Settings’ at the top of the Kindle menu, then ‘All Settings,’ ‘Device Settings,’ and finally ‘Device Passwords.’

You can now secure your Kindle with a numeric code, which may make diving into a tale or poetry a little more difficult, but it will prevent others from doing so even if your Kindle is taken.

Always Use Kindle Dictionary

You don’t have to skip over a word if you’re reading a book and the language starts to mystify you – perhaps you’ve never heard it before or the text is from a different dialect or time period. A dictionary is included with your Kindle.

Just hold down on a term you’re confused with, and the dictionary will appear, giving you multiple definitions. Based on where your text is placed or who authored it, it will even tell you regional ones.

The best aspect is that this dictionary doesn’t rely on the internet, so you can use it to look up terms and definitions even when you’re not connected to the internet.

Use Audiobooks

You can use the Audible audiobook system via your Kindle if you own a Kindle e-reader but don’t like to read for any reason. Just keep in mind that in order to listen to them, you’ll need Bluetooth headphones to connect to the e-reader.

Select Audible Store from the Kindle menu. Because Audible is owned by Amazon, the two companies work closely together. From here, you may choose from a large selection of audiobooks (many of which have Kindle versions too). You may also get audiobooks for free or at a lower price if you have a separate Audible membership.


The Amazon Kindle e-reader is a versatile and unique E-book library tool that allows you to purchase, download, read, and explore books, periodicals, newspapers, and other electronic print materials from the Kindle Store. So, don’t spend any more time on heavy books and get your Amazon Kindle subscription.

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