Bridgerton’s soaring popularity is a cry for change – and it’s a good thing

Bridgerton quickly became an overnight sensation after it first dropped on Netflix last year. Binge-watching and stay-at-home orders allowed fans to be transported to a different time. However, the increasing popularity of the show – and Bridgerton season 2 changes – reflects more than just a good idea.

From the diverse cast to racy intimate scenes – viewers were hooked, and the data proves it. Viewers spent 625.5 million hours watching the first season after the premiere on Christmas day in 2020.

And now Bridgerton season 2 has already peaked as no.1 on Netflix’s top 10 list of most watched after it came out last week. But the rush to watch the show after several months without high-society and intense relationships is telling on what viewers are looking for now.

A historical drama inspired by a book – with a twist

Fans of the book may realize that there are differences between the show and the pages they’ve grown fond of. Season two follows the same pattern as series one where some changes to the main plot and characters are revealed.

But with all great books and their movie or TV counterparts, it isn’t always as simple as to transfer the written word to Netflix.

The chaos we saw between Daphne and Simon as they fumbled their way through the beginning of their attraction has transformed, writes Vox. Instead, characters are open to richer development – ​​even the characters fans loathed.

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Die-hard fans of the Julia Quinn books may grow disappointed over some areas that have been altered. But in many cases it was needed. Such as swapping Kate’s background from her as a white girl from the shire to a girl with a half-sister from India. Bridgerton season two changes elevated the show.

Going against the grain with an incredible cast

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During the first season of Bridgerton, the series gained attention for it’s diversity being a crucial part of the show. Some viewers pointed out the – outdated – argument that people of color wouldn’t be cast as it isn’t “historically accurate” to the period of the time.

Other Netflix shows have come under fire, including The Crown, for historical inaccuracy. But following the numbers and viewing figures, it’s clear that historical accuracy isn’t the top of priorities in terms of cast.

It also says a lot more about the show itself than the period it’s representing. Fans pointed out how Jane Austen included a woman of color in her unfinished novel Sanditon as a counter-argument. Others highlight how the show isn’t inaccurate as people of color and from various backgrounds were around in the Regency period.

Racy scenes toned down in Bridgerton Season 2 changes

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Season 1 was.. very steamy. As fans have been going through the episodes, they have seen that Bridgerton season 2 changes include fewer love scenes than its predecessor.

Played by Regé-Jean Page, Simon Basset, it seemed to have left fans wanting more of its wild side with Anthony and Kate’s relationship.

However, the relationship between Kate and Anthony can’t follow the same path as Daphne and Simon. Daphne’s story revolved around her growing up and discovering relationships for the first time. However, some fans are crying out for more and they’re getting it.

Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of Bridgerton exclusively told PopBuzz that “everyone’s romance is different – ​​every love story can’t be exactly the same.”

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