Final Fantasy 14 Fan Makes Samurai Job Controller Out of a Toy Katana

A Final Fantasy 14 fan creates a controller using a toy sword that can activate job abilities by actually drawing the katana from its sheathe.

ffxiv ew samurai job plate controller

One of the most critically-acclaimed parts of Final Fantasy 14 is its wonderful and creative community. One Final Fantasy 14 fan has created a special controller for the Samurai job by adding new motion control functions to an old Playstation 2 katana controller.

Super Louis 64 is famous for “Controller Bending” in games like Dark Souls, Elden Ringand Final Fantasy 14. His goal of him with this project, in particular, was to make a functional katana controller that used motion sensor technology to activate the Samurai’s job abilities.


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Originally, Super Louis 64 was going to add motion control sensors onto a real katana but decided against it due to safety concerns. Instead, he acquired the katana controller for Onimusha 3: Demon Siege since 2004 and heavily modified it with motion control technology. The controller was made for the PS2, so modifying it for the PS4-compatible Final Fantasy 14 was not too hard, but the controller is pretty glitchy. However, Super Louis 64 was able to set up the controller to use the Samurai’s basic rotation, as well as the ability to activate the Iaijutsu ability by actually drawing the controller from its sheath.

This is far from the first controller Super Louis 64 has made for his favorite games. For Final Fantasy 14he has made custom controllers for the Bard, Dancer, and Machinist jobs, and used a Ring Fit Adventure controller to run across Eorzea. He has made controllers for other games too, perhaps most notably the Elden Ring banana controller he created and used to defeat the infamous Godrick the Grafted boss.

Every Controller Bending project Super Louis 64 releases is a delight to his fans. Many fellow players watch in awe and wonder as he crafts creative controllers, wishing they could get their hands on one for themselves. Some players ask him to stream high-difficulty Extreme trials or Savage raids in FF14 with the controller, just to see how he does and dare him to share his parsing DPS while using the controller just to see how low it would be. The community always comes together to congratulate him on his creativity and watch what crazy ideas he comes up with next.

At the end of the video, I showcased the Buster Sword controller he made for Final Fantasy 7 Remakewhich many believe he plans to adapt into a controller for the Dark Knight job in Final Fantasy 14. At this rate, Super Louis 64 will have a job controller for every playable job in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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