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MALTA – Kishwaukee College has announced its winning selections for the Spring 2022 Juried High School Art and Creative Writing Exhibition.

The exhibition showcased paintings, drawing, photography, sculpture, mixed media, digital media, ceramics, poetry and prose from students throughout the Kishwaukee College District, including DeKalb, Hiawatha, Indian Creek, Rochelle and Sycamore high schools.

Visual art was judged by a panel of Kishwaukee College art faculty and writing submissions were judged by English faculty. Winning selections and artist names include:

Best-In-Show: “Displayed Suffocation” by Cora Early, Sycamore HS

Drawings in Black & White: “80′s Alternative” by Vivianne Potts, Sycamore HS, first; “Bentley” by Brianna Chamoun, Sycamore HS, second; “Shoe” by Dylan Benge, Rochelle HS, third

Color Drawing: “1st Period Pre-Calc” by Marlen Hueramo, Rochelle HS, first; “Life Ablaze” by Mira Ryu, Sycamore HS, second; “Hands of Nature” by Rachel Piscopo, Hiawatha HS, third; ”Mr. Creatable” by Uriel Valle, Rochelle HS, honorable mention

Painting: “Tangled in Sinking Time” by Chrissie Fischer, Hiawatha HS, first; “On the Road” by Marlen Hueramo, Rochelle HS, second; “Wonder Boy” by Eric Briseno, Rochelle HS, third; “Goo-Man” by Abby Johns, Sycamore HS, honorable mention

Sculpture/Ceramics:Modern History” by Molly Sapita, Sycamore HS, first; “Jellyfish” by Arianna Moser, Hiawatha HS, second; “PokerFace” by Loryn Heil, Sycamore HS, third; “Staying Safe” by Lucy Bunger, Rochelle HS, honorable mention

Photography/Digital Media: “Bow of Fruit” by Alaina Leal, Rochelle HS, first; “Fire Hazard” by Kylie Davis, Rochelle HS, second; “Clock” by Ayla Walker, Rochelle HS, third; “Frozen Creek” by Allie Mortenson, Rochelle HS, honorable mention

Mixed Media: “Shades of Home” by Autumn Tomlinson, Sycamore HS, first; “Untitled” by Janis Schnurr-Trebe, Sycamore HS, second; “It’s an Elephant” by Marisa Whaley, Rochelle HS, third; “Block” by Katie Horn, Sycamore HS, honorable mention

poetry: “Oh How We Spin” by Darion Massey, DeKalb HS, first; “No One Cared Before the Flowers” ​​by Arianna Harrison, Sycamore HS, second

Prose: “The Desolation of Icarus” by Andrew Miller, Indian Creek HS, first; “Her Brotherhood de Ella” by Irish McCoy, Sycamore HS, second

The public is invited to view the winning selections from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, through April 14, at the Kishwaukee College Art Gallery, 21193 Malta Road, Malta.

To learn more about the exhibition, visit For information on the Art or English programs at Kishwaukee College, visit


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