Product Review of LibroVox Audio Book

What Users Love About the App

“I listen to audio books while I work and drive (40+ hours of listening time each week). Since I enjoy public domain books, this app is a great way to enjoy the works for free at times when I can’t be physically reading. Typically there is at least one very high quality recording for each novel I’ve wanted to listen to.”

“I have used LibriVox for the past three years and am always consistently blown away by the skill of some of these amateur readers. LibriVox’s best feature is the wide, free use of public domain writings. The mobile app is very straightforward.”

“I have been using this App for three plus years and love it. There is a huge selection of great books to choose from. Many of the readers are truly awesome. I loved reading all my life but with age I had to switch to listening to books on tape. I am grateful for all the volunteers who make that possible. Thank you LibriVox.”

“One of the coolest things on the internet! The interface and player can do with some love, but for a free app, the quality resources it provides, you just can’t get any better. We use it almost every day and I would highly recommend you make Librevox part of your own and kids lives.”

“I love librivox. It is so nice and very easy to use. The player offers easy to use playback features and some with chapter navigation but maybe adding a bookmark feature and a sleep mode would make quite a difference. I also agree on one comment mentioning continuous play feature and multitasking support for background playback but overall this is the best audiobook app I have ever used. You deserve all the credit.”

What Users Dislike About the App

“Extremely Buggy! Recently, the app is getting worse. The paid books I have here aren’t playable without downloading the entire book (instead of chapter by chapter). The books I HAVE bought ARE NOT in my library. Books I have NOT bought ARE in my library. When I open them it plays the book I DID buy while showing me the book I DIDN’T buy. If I pause it the chapter will reset from the beginning. This is just a few of the problems this app has.”

“Not actually free, let’s be clear. It bums me out when apps claim to be free and then require payment to get any use from them, especially when their claim is “free audiobooks.” They have some free books but only what’s in public domain that you can find anywhere. I’m trying to find the app that works with your local library card and this was a detour…”

“Just couldn’t get this to work. Press play and nothing happens. The free audio apps all seem to be the same as in their ad based to sell you audible the horrendously expensive paid app. That seems to be all they’re capable of bombarding you with ads.”

“They advertise 40,000 free audio books but good luck finding them once you read your first free book. They only show the paid books and make u scroll for days to get to the decent free stuff.”

“Completely hijacked phones audio and wouldn’t stop making noise even after closing app. Finally had to force kill app through phones system settings to get app to shut up!”

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