Rosario Dawson grounds the fast moving miniseries ‘DMZ’

“DMZ,” a new show for HBO Max based on a DC Comic series of the same name (HBO’s newest addition to its stock of DC-based media), doesn’t feel rooted in its comic book origins. This is a good thing.

The comic book series, first published in 2005, takes place in a nearly dystopian United States. A few years prior to the story, there was a civil war caused by anti-establishment militias that rose up throughout the States. The DMZ, formerly known as Manhattan, is a demilitarized zone. The armies on either side of the war can’t enter the zone, and the civilians stuck inside can’t leave. The plot certainly isn’t the typical superhero story with people flying around the sky or shooting lasers from their eyes that viewers come to expect when they hear the name DC. This ultimately allows the show to feel rooted in humanity, with the people stuck in and surviving this uncertain territory.

While the comics revolve around photojournalist Matthew Roth, the four-episode series takes a different path. The show focuses on Alma Ortega (Rosario Dawson, “The Book of Boba Fett”), a health care worker, who was separated from her son in the chaos of the so-called “Evacuation Day,” the day everyone who could tried to exit Manhattan. While Alma made it onto a bus, her son de ella was lost in the crowd. After searching outside of the DMZ for the last seven years, she realizes the war zone is her last chance of finding him.

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