10 Damon Quotes That Prove He Didn’t Love Elena

The romance was the fulcrum of supernatural teen drama The Vampire Diaries, and Damon and Elena were a couple that captured fans’ imaginations almost immediately with their enemies-to-lovers dynamic. However, as time has gone on, some fans of the show have begun to realize that Damon and Elena were a lot more toxic than they initially thought.

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Apart from being overbearing and pushy, Damon hurt Elena a lot more times than viewers can count, both when they weren’t together and when they were dating. He was selfish and always seemed to be putting on a nice face to make Elena love him. If that’s unbelievable, these quotes will prove that Damon’s love wasn’t as pure as it was made out to be.


Threatened Elena When They Initially Met

Elena: “If You Wanted Me Dead, I’d Be Dead.”

Damon: “Yes, you would.”

Elena: “But I’m Not.”

Even casual conversation with Damon was cursed in the initial seasons, and he tended to treat people very badly unless they had use for him. This was how Damon spoke to Elena when she was Stefan’s girlfriend, which goes on to show just how disrespectful he could be.

Anyone can be good to the people they love, but what matters is how they treat others who don’t serve them in any way. Wishing death upon a future girlfriend is not a good look, and this Damon quote has not aged well with The Vampire Diaries fans.

Couldn’t Stand Elena Being Happy For Once

“You Know What? I Don’t Want Her To Be Happy. I Want Her To Be Miserable, Just Like Ella I Am.”

Returning from the prison world where he had been trapped for months was tough on Damon, and he was rightfully upset that Elena had erased her memories of him to deal with the grief. However, she was actually happy for once, after going through long periods of loss, and he couldn’t fathom her being joyful and him being down.

While pining for a love is valid, he stated outright that he didn’t want his girlfriend to be at peace. He wanted her to be as miserable as he was, and when someone is in love, they don’t wish that upon their partners. This is what happens when you choose to date one of the most evil vampires on The Vampire Diaries.

Elena Was Just A Way To Get Back At Stefan

“I Don’t Know, You Were There In The Road… All Damsel-In-Distress-Like. And I Knew It Would P*ss Off Stefan.”

When Elena woke up in Damon’s car in season 1, she was shocked to find herself there, and the only reason Damon could give her for taking her along was to upset Stefan. Damon lived to ruin his brother’s life from him, and he stooped low enough to use Elena against him.

For him, Elena was just a means to an end, and he treated her pretty much like a pawn in his games with his younger vampire sibling. Considering that this was meant to be Damon’s best relationship on The Vampire Diariesit’s not good that it began with blackmail and abuse of power.

Compelled Her The Moment He Got Her Alone

“You Want Me. I Get To You. You Find Yourself Drawn To Me. You Think About Me Even When You Don’t Want To Think About Me. I Bet You Even Dreamed About Me. And Right Now…You Want To Kiss Me.”

Elena holding Damon's face in The Vampire Diaries.

Yet again, Damon didn’t have any respect for Elena’s autonomy and her wishes, and tried to compel her to do his bidding as soon as he got her alone to himself. He made her dream about him and then tried to manipulate her into getting intimate with him.

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Predictably, he did this to irritate Stefan, using Elena as bait. Thankfully, she was wearing vervain so she didn’t get compelled, but it’s disgusting that he even tried to compel her this way.

Selfish About His Needs

“I’d Rather Die Right Now Than Spend A Handful Of Years With You, Only To Lose You When I’m Too Old And Sick And Miserable And You’re Still You.”

Damon and Elena stand on the clock tower together

Damon thought that his way of professing love to Elena was edgy and romantic, but it was nothing but dangerous and selfish. All Elena wanted since she turned into a vampire was to be human again, and her ideal scenario was to have Damon live with her. Yet, he wouldn’t have it.

He did eventually turn human, but the road towards it was no good. He hid having the cure from Elena so that she couldn’t take it either, because he didn’t want to lose her. It didn’t matter what she wanted, only Damon’s needs were important in the relationship. Some Vampire Diaries fans believed Damon’s redemption was great, but it had too many bad moments.

Hurt Her Family And Friends

“You Confuse Me For Someone With Remorse. None Of This Matters To Me. None Of It.”

An image of Damon grabbing Elena by the arms aggressively in The Vampire Diaries

As wounded as the elder Salvatore was, it was no excuse to hurt or main people. He compelled and used Caroline as a blood bag, killed Jeremy, and attacked Bonnie, amongst all the other terrible things he did.

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Holding Damon accountable was impossible, even when the woman he loved asked him for it. If he actually loved Elena, he would have thought several times before hurting her family and friends from her.

Bitter About Being Rejected

“Elena Would What? Hurt Me? Dump Me? Been There, Done That!”

Damon and Elena talking to each other in TVD

After hurting Elena so many times, Damon was unable to handle being hurt himself. As always, he lashed out and acted up, making sure that he did everything that Elena would not want him to do to prove that he was doing okay.

Licking his wounds was not something that Damon did. He only wanted to show people that he was impenetrable, so he said and did things that were hurtful and upsetting.

Tried Compelling Her Against Her Will, Again

“God, I Wish You Didn’t Have To Forget This, But You Do.”

The next time Damon tried to compel Elena, it worked. In a show of self-awareness, he acknowledged out loud that professing his love from him to his brother’s girl was selfish, but that did not stop him from doing it. He planted the seeds of doubt in her head and then compelled her to forget.

If he really did feel for her, he wouldn’t have taken away her agency. By compelling her, he took away her memories of her without her consent, and that was not okay.

Made Elena Uncomfortable With His Insinuations

“If It Was Just Down To Him And Me And You Had To Make A Choice Who Got The Goodbye, Who Would It Be?”

Stefan, Damon, and Elena standing together dressed in fancy evening wear on The Vampire Diaries

Another early conversation between the two soulmates was very uncomfortable for Elena, and it shouldn’t have been. When she was clearly in love with Stefan and trying to stay faithful, Damon used to keep asking her awkward questions like these (which are weird for your boyfriend’s brother to ask anyway).

He didn’t have to be intense and unnerving about having feelings for Elena. Damon could have been fair and taken the chance when she wasn’t dating Stefan, instead of putting her in a difficult situation every time.

Insensitive About Her Parents

Elena: “I Found My Birth Mother.”

Damon: “Who cares. She left you, she sucks.”

Damon sits on Elena's bed after saving her life

While Damon may have a certain way of talking, a tactful and sensitive tone should have been used when Elena revealed to him that she found the woman who had abandoned her. If he cared for Elena, he would have been gentle and kind with her and asked her how she was de ella, instead of being this dismissive.

His lack of empathy towards the woman he was falling for was almost offensive, and nobody else would have gotten away with this behavior. Damon didn’t love Elena as much as he loved the idea of ​​her.

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