Avatar The Last Airbender: 10 Moody Quotes From Zuko

With the new live action Avatar: The Last Airbender TV show expected in the next year, it’s only right to go back at the animated series and admire all the characters that fans have come to love over the year. Zuko, in particular, is a grumpy teenager who fans love because of his ability to change.

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Zuko was raised to be ruthless by his father, but his Uncle Iroh’s influence helped him realize the right path for himself. However, no matter how good or bad Zuko was throughout the show, his personality of being an emotional and moody teen, remained.

10 Zuko Has More Important Concerns

“Bad Skin? Normal Teenagers Worry About Bad Skin, I Don’t Have That Luxury.”

Zuko is the son of the Firelord and must try to reclaim his honor in any way possible. Because of this, acne just doesn’t make the cut for the most important thing in this teenager’s life.

Zuko is worried that he will never be good enough or strong enough and his complexion is a rather small thing in the grand scheme. This quote just proves that he still has the grumpy mood of a teenager even though he doesn’t care much about other concerns related to that age group.

9 Zuko’s Inaccurate “Scar”

“The Scar’s NOT On The Wrong Side.”

Zuko at the play during avatar the last airbender

This quote is particularly funny because Zuko says this in response to the many kids that dressed up like him and think that he’s just wearing a costume like everyone else. For some reason, everyone in the Fire Nation seems to think that Zuko’s scar is on the other side.

Him yelling at these kids just proves that he cares a little too much about how people, even children, see him. It’s a goofily serious reaction to some kids just trying to have some fun and compliment a stranger.


8 Zuko On His Perseverance

“I Don’t Need Luck Thought, I Don’t Want It. I’ve Always Had To Struggle And Fight And That’s Made Me Strong. It’s Made Me Who I Am.”

Zuko leads his ship to the Avatar in Avatar the last airbender

This quote particularly shows off Zuko’s emo side as he says that he has to do everything himself with no help. His struggle with him, in his mind with him, is his biggest strength with him even though it’s caused him to suffer in great ways.

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Zuko is by no means an overly emotional guy, but he is really dedicated to getting whatever it is that he wants. Even when he fails, he never lets that get him down for too long because that will only make him weaker in his mind. Even if he’s proving how moody he is, he is also showing that his demeanor of him does n’t change his determination of him.

7 Zuko To Jet

“I Don’t Think You Want Me In Your Gang.”

Zuko says this line to Jet, a misfit who has a pesky team of other misfits who aren’t the most moral, but they’re at least less deadly than the Firelord. At this moment, Zuko, showcased one of his worst traits about him, displaying how he does not believe he can belong anywhere, let alone with a group of scrappy kids that do not really have a goal to work towards.

Because his father has put him down most of his life, Zuko doesn’t believe he’s worthy to have friends, even morally corrupt ones. This moody quote just goes to show how much Zuko’s outcast status affected his confidence and self-worth.

6 Zuko To The Tea Maker

“I’ll Try To Contain My Joy.”

Toph and Zuko Avatar The Last Airbender

Zuko’s time in the Earth Kingdom changed him a great deal, especially while he was undercover with his Uncle working for a tea shop. He started to realize that not everyone lives in a constant state of trying to prove themselves and this line actually shows him coming to understand that.

When Zuko says this quote, he is actually genuinely trying to contain his joy because he is so used to putting on a disinterested mask. His giddiness and moodiness of him both come through in this line which is filled with a great deal of emotional complexity.

5 Zuko Loses Everything

“My Throne, My Honor, My Country. I’m About To Lose Them All.”

Zuko is exaggerating a little in this line, but only because his father never really wanted to give Zuko anything. He lost his chance at the throne from the moment he was born. While he does lose everything for a while, he gains a better family and becomes more aware.

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Zuko is moody here because he has a right to be. His negative nature of him did n’t just come out of nowhere. Because his father took everything away from him, Zuko had to embrace his feelings of being down in the dumps for a long time before he could get back on the right track.

4 Zuko Questions His Morals

“Why Am I So Bad At Being Good?”

Katara touches Zuko's face in Avatar

Zuko, for most of Avatar: The Last Airbender, puts himself down because he can’t figure out how to please his father. When he finally joins team Avatar, things begin to look up for him, until he betrays them and his Uncle Iroh for a chance at his father de el caring about him.

When he comes back to Aang’s gang and realizes his grave mistake, he puts himself down even more because he feels like he never makes the right decisions. His moodiness here is warranted considering he does not know how to be good and also be the son his father wants.

3 Zuko Fights Back

“You’ve always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back! Come on, strike me! You’ve never held back before!”

This longer quote shows how self-punishing Zuko, who has many quotes about his honor, can be. He does n’t avoid violence, instead he tries to deal with it head-on and with his full strength from him. He doesn’t want anyone to hold back, because that would just be another form of dishonor to him.

Zuko’s quote is moody because it’s a little masochistic for him to be asking to be attacked. He’s obviously really upset and the only way for him to channel that emotion is by fighting physically and with his words from him.

two Zuko Attempts To Redirect Lightning

“Instead Of Lightning It Just Blew Up In My Face, Just Like Everything Always Does.”

Zuko fights Ozai in ATLA

Zuko, in the last chapter of the series, works on a specific ability that Firebenders can learn, which is redirecting lightning. Very few have ever been able to master such an art and this Zuko quote shows how close he comes to giving up on this skill.

He puts himself down for not being able to do something that people with decades of experience can’t even do. Thankfully, his grumpiness does not get in the way of his training and he is able to redirect lightning just like Iroh, who is the best Uncle ever.

1 Zuko’s Pessimism

“I’m Never Happy.”

Zuko looking serious in ATLA

This is the moodiest Zuko quote of them all because he admits that no matter what he does or how he claims himself as a reputable person, he’s never going to be happy with who he is on the inside.

Zuko, who is one of the most likeable characters, is a caring person who is able to see the best sides of people, even though he tries not to when it comes to Aang for a while. However, it’s clear that he’s not as easy on himself and that’s partially why he can be so grumpy even in the happiest of moments.

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