East Stroudsburg author promotes awareness for disabled with new book

East Stroudsburg author Jannesy DeLeon will celebrate the launch of her inspiring new children’s book “Tag! You’re It! A Story on Inclusion with Gabby & Nicky” at the Pocono Family YMCA this Friday.

The story, which is DeLeon’s first of a planned series, is inspired by the lives of her two children, Gabriella and Nicholas, who grew up with several disabilities that were often difficult for others to understand or accept. Through the tale of Gabby, who uses a wheelchair and relies on a tracheostomy, and her de ella brother de ella Nicky, who helps his sister with mobility and speech, DeLeon hopes to instill a sense of inclusion and acceptance for all children, regardless of their abilities from her.

DeLeon said that early on, she noted that many people tended not to acknowledge her children and others like them due to a lack of understanding or a misplaced sense of fear, largely orienting from limited exposure to people with disabilities.

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