FaZe Clan’s Batman Comic Gets Roasted Online

Batman fans are having a field day with the new FaZe Clan comic book cross-over. Last year, it was revealed that FaZe Clan and Batman would team up in a new comic book, which was a hard concept to grasp back then. Now, the full thing is finally here and it’s just as bewildering as one might expect. Although Batman is hardly a stranger to bizarre crossovers, this is one of the most unique and seems to emphasize Batman’s gamer era. After being a major piece of Fortnite’s lore, Batman is embracing the gamers that populate said games.

Now that the Batman/FaZe Clan cross-over is here, fans are more or less roasting the comic. It’s unclear just how self-aware the book actually is, but it does feature some rather comical usages of the word “gamer” from villains like The Riddler and Mr. Freeze. Many are puzzled by the crossover, trying to understand why DC would be interested in this concept. Some are also incredibly frustrated as other beloved characters are being sidelined, suggesting some mismanaged priorities at the comic publisher. Nonetheless, if the idea was to get some attention on DC’s comics, it seems to be working.

FaZe Clan is certainly one of the most popular gaming organizations out there. The clan recently recruited infamous rapper Snoop Dogg to join its organization. The rapper will be an integral part of the clan, but it remains to be seen to what extent. It goes without saying that the clan has reached a mainstream level of success and has the kind of clout needed to pull off some rather notable deals. While they may be a bit of a headscratcher to some, it does speak to the level of power the group holds now.

What do you think of the FaZe Clan being in a Batman comic? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder. Keep scrolling to read some of the reactions to the clan in the brand new Batman comic book, which is available now.

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