Final Fantasy 14 Shares Details for the Housing Lottery System

Final Fantasy 14 shares details about the Housing Lottery System, including how to qualify, enter, and claim a house in Ishgard’s Empyreum district.

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Final Fantasy 14 is gearing up to release Newfound Adventureits first major content patch after Endwalker. To prepare players for the new Housing Lottery System coming with it, Final Fantasy 14 shared the fine print of how players can get a house in the Empyreum district of Ishgard.

Previously, houses in Final Fantasy 14 were purchased on a first-come, first-served basis. However, as of Newfound Adventureall land will be purchased via the new Housing Lottery System instead.


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The new Lottery System in Final Fantasy 14 operates on a 9-day cycle. During the first five days, players enter the lottery by paying the full fee for the house. At the end of this period, the winner will be selected and will have 4 days to claim their plot of land. Should the winner fail to claim it, the plot will be re-entered into the lottery, and the winner will receive half of the gil they spent on the entry back. Losers can recover all of their gil within 90 days of the drawing via the plot’s placard.

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Each member of a Free Company in FF14 can enter the lottery on behalf of their Free Company, but each entrant must provide the full fee to do so. Should a Free Company or private buyer win multiple plots, they will have to forfeit half the cost on those they do not accept.

Of note, Final Fantasy 14 is removing the Price Reduction System in which the cost of a plot of land was reduced over time since few plots of land remained vacant for long in FF14‘s voracious housing market. In addition to the original requirements for buying land, entrants for Free Companies must have been a member of the Free Company for 30 days. This is to combat RMT in Final Fantasy 14 and the illegal sale of property between players.

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In general, players are excited about the Housing Lottery System. The previous system often created unfair circumstances that favored bots and large Free Companies, as they could spam a plot’s placard until they got it. This new system still gives Free Companies a good chance to win, but with a costly and risky investment.

However, there are still some players who have concerns about the new system. Though it fixes some issues with Final Fantasy 14’s housing situation, it may cause others. As an immediate example, because of the new requirement on Free Company entries, many Japanese players will be unable to buy houses for their Free Company due to World Transfers surrounding the new Meteor Data Center. Final Fantasy 14 is doing its due diligence in handling these edge cases and has promised to continue monitoring the situation and adjust accordingly.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5. Newfound Adventure will be available in April.

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