Greek Gods & Today’s Power Dominators Topic Of Poetry Reading This Saturday

“Greek gods were all self-appointed ‘saviors’ who are much like self-proclaimed power-titans we witness today,” states poet and storyteller Susan A. Katz of Washington, Connecticut. This Saturday, April 2, at 11:00 am Katz will offer an Author Talk & Poetry Reading on her recently released book, “The Limits of Light”, a collection of Greek Mythology-based poems at The Woodbury Library, 269 Main Street South in Woodbury. Admission is free. Face masks and preregistration are requested.

“The gods were just people who were self-appointed divine beings much like people we are witnessing today. It’s clear to see parallels between the triumphs and horrifying human disasters of the dominating Greek gods, and what is happening in our violence-filled world today. It is almost as if these ancient stories forever old the future.”

From Apollo, who was thwarted in love, to Scylla who betrays her father for lust, to Icarus who strives to fly to the sun, only to fall to his death… the tales of the gods unfold in Katz’s compelling and dramatic narrative poetry.

Published on August 31, 2021, by Austin Macauley Publishers, (London, Cambridge, New York, Sharjah), “The Limits of Light” features a collection of poems that explores the tales of Greek Mythology and their contemporary messages.

A nationally and internationally published poet, Katz’s work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals, and literary magazines. With the publication of “The Limits of Light”, she will have published four books of poetry and co-authored two textbooks with a music specialist, Judith A. Thomas, espousing the need to incorporate the arts into schools’ curricula.

For more than 30 years, Katz worked for The New York State Poets in Public Service, and then, with music/movement specialist, Judith A. Thomas, conducted student/teacher poetry workshops in the United States and Canada. Her work by Ella has been cited as: “… precise imagery, directness, and honesty… outspokenly erotic and sensual, evoking a powerful sense of physical passion and deeply felt experiences.” – Robert Wilson, Poetry Editor, Negative Capability.

Katz has been actively writing and publishing poetry for more than 50 years. She finds inspiration for her poems by her in the intricacies, and intimacies, of life and family, the hazards of living, and the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Her poems by her reveal her intense passion for the living quality of language. Katz believes that “Poetry is the need to write beyond the limits of choice; the freedom to see beyond the limits of light.”

Titles of poems in “The Limits of Light” include “The Rape of Persephone” (Persephone & Hades); Of Beauty Born (Medusa); To Phaeton (Phaeton & Apollo); By What Name Love (Minos, King of Crete, made war upon Megara; Nisus was the King of Megara and Scylla was his daughter); What Matters (Narcissus & Echo); Hazard of the Heart (Zeus); and The Gift (In the End)

Copies of “The Limits of Light” will be available for purchase at the April 2 event. The book is also available at; Amazon:; Barnes & Noble:; The Book Depository:; and in select bookstores. Susan A. Katz’s works can be found on her website

To preregister for the April 2 event, please call the Woodbury Library at 203-263-3502, or visit For information on Susan A. Katz, visit


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