Moon Knight’s TV Creator Compares Disney+ Experience With Writing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four Reboot, And The Shade Is Real

Seven years after its release, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is regarded as one of the worst superhero films; even Trank himself has continued to shoot it. Some Marvel fans may not know that Moon Knight creator Jeremy Slater penned the script for the ill-fated movie. Fortunately, the film didn’t stop Slater from securing his dream job of working with Marvel. Now, with the reboot in his rearview mirror, the Moon Knight creator threw some serious shade in comparing his Disney+ experience to writing the poorly received revival.

the Fantastic Four writer has always been apologetic for messing up the team’s cinematic future. Years after the box office and critical disappointment, Jeremy Slater finally got his chance to work with Marvel as the creator of the Disney+ series. The 2015 reboot came up again when a Twitter user asked him what lessons he carried over from it to his new project by him. The writer couldn’t help but give a certain director some smoke in his Twitter response.

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