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Children’s Author Sandra Magsamen and Village Book Builders Team Up to Make Wishes Come True in Africa

By listening and honoring what children are wishing for we can learn valuable lessons about where they are and what they are feeling.”

— Sandra Magsaman

UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / — To kick off Village Book Builders’ new Author of the Month program, Sandra Magsamen has been spending her early morning springs reading virtually to students of the non-profit’s libraries in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi and Kenya. Ella’s sharing her newest book, I Wish Wish Wish for You, Magsamen wants to help make these children’s wishes a reality. From nurses and doctors, engineers and builders, to teachers, journalists and the “owner of the best orphanage in Uganda,” the common thread of all the wishes Magsamen has heard in Africa is the wish to help others. “It’s more important than ever to connect heart to heart with the children in our lives, our community and the world.” says Magsamen. “Coming out of COVID we see anxiety, isolation and concern in our children. I want to share the collective wishes we as mothers, fathers, teachers, caregivers and human beings share for the children of the world. Children are the future so hearing them and empowering them now is more important than ever. By listening and honoring what children are wishing for we can learn valuable lessons about where they are and what they are feeling. We can understand the themes, fears, dreams and hopes they hold in their hearts at this pivotal time in history.”

To put these beliefs into action, Magsamen has come up with a four-step plan that she shares in each of her readings at Village Book libraries.

Step 1: Make a wish – listen to yourself and hear the wish that matters the most to you.
Step 2: Believe – believe in yourself and in your wish.
Step 3: Study – this is where the work comes in! You have to learn, study, practice and manifest
Step 4: Support – surround yourself with people who will support you and your wish and help you make it come true!

With a concrete plan like the one Magsamen has laid out, and the help and support of Village Book, the wishes of these students might just come true. Providing the educational resources needed for academic success, Village Book builds and operates libraries in lower-income nations. These libraries serve as safe places where children in the community can gather, read and learn. Adu Francis, the Village Book librarian at the non-profit’s Adeiso library in Ghana says that after the library was built there, “students now spend all their free time reading.” This accessibility to books, computers and the internet gives children in rural areas of the world an opportunity to escape poverty; it gives them an opportunity that they would not otherwise have to fulfill their wishes.

With the mission of helping bring an end to child poverty, it’s a goal of Village Book is to keep students in school as long as possible. It’s with initiatives like their online mentoring program and their new Author of the Month series that the non-profit aims to achieve this goal. “The sad reality is that without the help of others to encourage them, most of these children will end up dropping out of school” says Village Book Chief Operating Officer, Joshua Atkinson. “Here we have an opportunity to step in and build meaningful relationships with students. We can help guide them and help them to know that there is more out there beyond what they have. They are capable of success; they can be our future leaders. With hard work and perseverance their wishes really can come true.”

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