Star Trek’s Spock Was Secretly Played By Namor in Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics used its spoof comic series, Not Brand Echh, to present a humorous comparison that places the Atlantean royal in the role of Spock.

In the 1960s, marvel comics was publishing a spoof series, which saw namor take the role of mr spock in Star Trek. While this initially seems surprising, it is actually a rather perfect casting. In many ways the two mirror one another, but his means of getting the role isn’t very commendable.

Not Brand Echh is a series that spoofs Marvel and DC’s heroes and origins. It places goofy variants of them in whacky stories full of pop culture references and jabs at things like copyright and the Comic Code Authority. It also humorously references celebrities and hit series of the time, including Leonard Nimoy, though not by name directly.


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Not Brand Echh #4 has the creative team of Roy Thomas, Gary Friedrich, Stan Lee, Marie Severin, Gene Colan, and Tom Sutton. The issue features the story “Kayoed By Krank” which includes Namor’s variant, No-More. Within it, the warlord named Krank has taken over the throne of Atloontis, leaving the former prince lots of time to get into various hijinks. Initially he believes he wants to regain his throne but eventually decides to just enjoy his newly gained free time. This comes with struggles, though he does finally find a place to fit in within Hollywood on an alternate version of star trek.

After coming to the world of man, he sees the star trek spoof, star trick. This gives him a wonderful idea about how he can make some quick cash – he’s going to take on the role of Mr. Spook – this world’s Mr. Spock. He ties up Leonard Nimoy’s unnamed variant and successfully takes the role, with no one being the wiser. This lasts almost completely through the series’ run, which comes at the end of the issue. While this initially just seems like a humorous gag about how similar Namor and Spock are in terms of appearance, it is actually a rather astute comparison that could actually work out.

Like Spock, Namor is half-human. They are both viewed as being a bit strange or aloof to their peers due to their methodologies and ways of being. Both are also heroes within their respective universes. While Spock is certainly more popular than Namor, it seems fitting that of all the roles the prince could take on, this is the one that he would find the most enjoyable and suitable for himself. Namor’s counterpart on Earth-665 may not be as regal and stoic, but he certainly has an eye for an incredible role that will bring him lots of success. Of all the heroes in the marvel comics who could be selected to play mr spock – or his goofy alternate world counterparts – in star trek, namor is an excellent choice.

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