10 Weakest Villains Captain America Lost To In The Comics

Captain America is often thought of as one of the greatest superheroes ever. It’s a reputation he carries both in the universe and among fans. Considering he originated in the Golden Age and later became a solo adventurer and leader of the Avengers in the modern-day, it’s easy to see how he came to be so admired.

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Captain America has been in innumerable battles and enjoyed tremendous victories where he’s triumphed against the odds and taken down enemies more powerful than himself. Being on the lower end of the power scale makes his victories more impressive, but Cap is n’t invincible. He’s lost his fair share of battles and, in his less proud moments of him, has lost to relatively weak villains.

10 Paladin Captured Captain America During Civil War

Paladin vs.  Captain America

The Civil War event pitted Iron Man’s group, who supported the Superhuman Registration Act against Captain America leading a team of those who were against registration. Misty Knight was leading the Heroes for Hire, which included the low-powered mercenary Paladin.

When Captain America arranged to talk to Misty and her team, Paladin seized the opportunity to attack. Protected by an electromagnetic field generator to deflect Captain America’s shield and armed with gas bombs, Paladin took down the Heroes for Hire as well as Captain America and delivered him to SHIELD

9 Baron Zemo Took Down Captain America In His First Appearance

Baron Zemo

Heinrich Zemo was an enemy of Captain America during World War II, and soon after Captain America emerged from suspended animation, he resumed his rivalry with Heinrich. After a fight in South America resulted in Heinrich’s death, his son Helmut swore revenge on Captain America.

Like his father, Helmut is a skilled fighter without any powers. Before revealing himself as the next Baron Zemo, Helmut took on the identity of Phoenix and attacked Captain America, and fled. When Cap hunted Phoenix down, Zemo knocked him out with a gas-filled decoy.

8 The Tumbler Outmaneuvered Captain America

Captain America fights Tumbler

Not all villains are interesting enough to become recurring characters, and some are outright forgettable. Although this was the case with a character named the Tumbler, after his death of him, his brother of him became the new Tumbler.

Seeking revenge on the insurance company for not paying out, the Tumbler was in the middle of robbing them when he was stopped by Captain America. Agile and with green beret training, Tumbler managed to avoid Cap’s shields and ricochets. Leaving the fight without being apprehended, Tumbler considered himself the victor of the battle.

7 Captain America Couldn’t Outfight Nuke

Captain America fights Nuke

The super-soldier serum turned Steve Rogers into Captain America, but he’s not the only super soldier in the Marvel Universe. Subjected to drugs and cybernetics, Nuke is an unstable soldier with patriotism to the extreme.

Set loose in an Eastern European country, Nuke came to blows with Captain America. They fought for hours, and it was Captain America who wore down before Nuke did. Nuke had him on the ground and held at gunpoint, and Cap had to give him a speech about patriotism to stop his rampage.

6 Kingpin Was Too Much For Captain America To Handle

Captain America fights Kingpin

While fighting the terrorist organization Hydra, Captain America ended up chasing Richard Fisk, which lead him to Richard’s father Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. Kingpin regularly fights Spider-Man and Daredevil, and although he does not have any superpowers, his strength is peak human. When Captain America fought him, he realized that the Kingpin was much faster than he’d anticipated.

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Kingpin shrugged off Cap’s attacks and then went on the offensive, trapping him in a bearhug. If it weren’t for the timely intervention of Redwing and Falcon, Captain America would have blacked out.

5 The Swordsman Took Out Captain America To Weaken The Avengers


The Swordsman sought to join the Avengers to cover up his crimes. After breaking into the Avengers’ headquarters, Swordsman was defeated and had to flee. Trying another tactic, Swordsman decided to lure Captain America away from the team.

Captain America wanted to work with SHIELD, so Swordsman led him to believe he was meeting Nick Fury to ambush him. Swordman’s only skill is with his sword from him, and even though Captain America had an advantage during the fight, Swordsman was able to get into a hydraulic lift and bury Cap in rubble.

4 Batroc The Leaper Stole Cap’s Shield

Batroc with Captain America's shield

Batroc The Leaper is a recurring Captain America who is frequently treated as a joke. He’s a French-accented assassin who leads him with his feet, but he’s rarely a threat, and Cap has easily beaten him several times. However, there was one instance when Batroc got one up on Cap.

Batroc teamed up with fellow assassins Zaran and Machete and sent them to fight Captain America. Cap beat both of them by himself, but while he was distracted by the fight, Batroc stole Cap’s shield from right under his nose.

3 Constrictor Delivered Captain America To Viper

Captain America is no stranger to fighting supervillains with snake gimmicks, and he’s made a career of fighting the entire Serpent Society. The Constrictor, who uses cybernetic coils to restrain his victims, was once able to defeat Captain America.

Soon after Captain America met Jack Monroe (the returned Bucky), the two go out on patrol and are assaulted by Constrictor. Constrictor takes out Bucky and then fights Captain America. While Constrictor fought Captain America, Viper’s henchmen shot Cap in the back, allowing Constrictor to take him captive.

two Doctor Faustus Arranged Captain America’s Death

captain america dying

Doctor Faustus is a longtime Captain America villain with neither superpowers nor physical skills. Faustus’ strength is in his ability to manipulate people. Captain America was dealing with the events of Civil War and, feeling guilty over the collateral damage, surrendered to the authorities.

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Faustus could never beat Captain America head-on, so he posed as a SHIELD psychiatrist treating Sharon Carter. Sharon was with Cap as he was taken into custody, which is when Faustus’ mind control of her took hold of her, causing her to shoot and kill Captain America.

1 Crossbones Trapped Captain America Twice In One Fight

The Marvel Universe is home to many highly trained assassins, such as the mercenary Crossbones, who hires out his combat skills as a henchman. Crossbones has no powers but has posed a threat to Captain America.

When Cap went to Madripor to save Diamondback, he literally walked into Crossbones’ trap and injured his leg. Cap beats Crossbones in the ensuing fight, but Crossbones uses Captain America’s desperation to lead him into a building he’d rigged with an explosive. Trapping Cap on a pressure-sensitive plate attached to a bomb, Crossbones escaped.

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