2022 White Out Shirt Takes Simpler Approach

Editor’s note: This story is part of the Onward State’s April Fools’ Day series. It is satirical, meant for entertainment, and not to be taken literally. Any quotes were made up for the purpose of this post.

Have you ever complained that Penn State’s White Out t-shirts were a little too flashy? Perhaps you thought they had just a little too much going on? If so, you’re going to love this year’s design.

On Friday, Penn State football revealed the official 2022 White Out shirt. This year’s design took a far simpler route than in years past — so much so that there’s quite literally nothing on it.

Unfortunately, the team’s social media team appeared to have slipped up by unintentionally revealing that the shirts are just rebranded Hanes undershirts. When asked for comment, though, Penn State said it was all part of a new and experimental marketing strategy.

“By partnering with Hanes, Penn State has the opportunity to produce authentic shirts that evoke the real sights of a Beaver Stadium White Out,” said Kris Petersen, Penn State’s associate athletic director for strategic communications. “The White Out is a sea of ​​white, and simpler shirts will help that white stay even purer. This year’s shirt is an homage to Penn State traditions, especially the no-name-all-game mindset the Nittany Lions follow.”

According to a source within Penn State’s locker room, the partnership with Hanes is ultimately a strategy to recoup revenue that Athletics lost amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Plain white undershirts are far cheaper to produce (and procure) than shirts with flashier designs, including the 2021 White Out shirt. A source with knowledge of the situation says Penn State’s traditional designs should return in years to come.

Revealing the White Out shirt in April is a particularly bold move for the Nittany Lions. So far, Penn State hasn’t released its slate of game promotions, leaving the White Out opponent up in the air. Our money’s on Ohio State on October 29, but who knows.

Penn State is 9-8 all-time in White Out games at Beaver Stadium since the tradition began in 2004. Last season, the Nittany Lions topped No. 22 Auburn 28-20 in front of a full-stadium White Out crowd.

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