Assessor Clark claims commissioner Lucey threatened him over filing

Washoe County Assessor Mike Clark claims Commissioner Bob Lucey threatened him in order to get Clark to drop out of an election. Lucey says he merely mentioned a problem on Clark’s candidate filing out of professional courtesy.

“Mr. Lucey called and threatened me,” Clark said in a phone call with the RGJ.

“I made a sheriff’s report (Wednesday). I’m making a report to the DA. I’m making a report to the (Washoe County) HR department,” Clark said. “The threat was you either drop out of the race or we’re gonna get you for perjury and for fraudulent activities. And he just went on and on and on with all the trouble I could end up in.

“I gotta be honest, it scared me. I had to quickly call my attorney and have people start looking into it because it sounded pretty scary.”

Lucey said there was no threat.

“I basically shared information, you know, just as a professional courtesy,” Lucey said in a phone call. “If I have found that threatening or anything like that, that’s his own personal opinion of him, but I just shared information with him. I didn’t threaten him.”

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