Eleven small patrons, teens return to Holden library to help out

HOLDEN — The Gale Free Library has had thousands of residents browse its stacks, participate in programs and admire the building.

Some learned of the magic within early and grew attached. Such is the story of Wachusett Regional High School senior Olivia Curtis and junior Brynn Pinkes. From a young age, the two started attending the library with their families. Books brought stories home for them as children, and new stories awaited when they grew older.

Now they are volunteering, playing a role in keeping their library going and books organized.

“I have been going to the Gale Free Library for as long as I can remember,” Brynn said. “With my mom being a stay-at-home mom, we were always looking for things to do in the community together, from reading books to playing with the puzzles at the library. My earliest memories at the library are of admiring the large wooden dollhouse they had in the children’s room, and seeing the new miniatures they would place in every time I visited.”

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