Stories we most need to hear

I have not read a single memoir by a former Trump official. And don’t plan to. I have not read a single memoir from the Obama presidency either, for that matter, including the first volume of the former president’s memoir, “A Promised Land.” (Do we really need a second?)

The reason is not a lack of interest in memoirs. I happen to like memories. alot I have read a surprising number of them, have taught a course about “the art of the memoir,” and have even written my own memoir (published last month). But political memoirs are usually the worst of the genre, the lowest rung on the memoir ladder.

There can be exceptions. Ulysses S. Grant’s “Personal Memoirs” is certainly one. It’s a multi-volume account of Grant’s military experience in both the Mexican-American War and the Civil War. Mark Twain compared Grant’s memoir to Caesar’s “Commentaries” though, as the publisher, Twain may have written that with the thought of boosting sales.

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