10 Favorite DC Comic Superhero Couples, According To Ranker

DC Comics has a lot of romantic relationships that have carried through the years. These include arguably the most iconic relationship in comic book history with Superman and Lois Lane. However, things take a turn when both people involved are superheroes because that throws a new wrinkle into the partnership.

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Fans on Ranker voted for their favorite comic book couples and came up with several great pairings from Marvel and DC Comics. When it comes to DC, the best superhero couples were often ranked lower than their Marvel counterparts, but that didn’t make them any more iconic, and in some cases, explosive.

10 Midnighter & Apollo

Midnighter and Apollo kiss with Earth in the background.

It was mostly DC Comics fans who voted for their favorite superhero couples on Ranker, and this means some unfamiliar names for those who only follow DC through the movies and TV shows. Midnighter and Apollo were not originally DC characters but the company acquired them when it bought WildStorm.

Based on Superman and Batman, this was one of the most important LGBTQ+ relationships in comics, and while it started outside of DC, the company kept it canon and expanded on their relationship when they married the couple.

9 Mister Miracle & Big Barda

Mister Miracle and Big Barda Comic

Another couple that is not as well known to casual fans is Mister Miracle and Big Barda, although they were important enough for Ranker fans to count them among their favorite superhero relationships. These characters were not originally part of the main DC universe, though.

Mister Miracle and Big Barda came out of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, which was DC’s cosmic universe, which introduced the New Gods, expanding on Darkseid’s universe. These were two of the most important characters in that world, and they remain an iconic couple even in later re-tellings.


8 Green Lantern & Sapphire

Green Lantern And Star Sapphire - DC Comics

In his early days in comics, Hal Jordan dated Carol Ferris. Both characters showed up when the Silver Age began and Hal became the new Green Lantern. Carol was not a superhero for much of that time, though that all changed when Carol took on the identity of Star Sapphire.

As Star Sapphire, she became a villain at first and battled Green Lantern. However, when she regained control. she became a member of the Star Sapphire Corps and fought for the power of love. She was also part of the New Guardians and maintained a more professional relationship with Hal.

7 Tim Drake & Stephanie Brown

Tim Drake remains known as one of the best Robins outside of Dick Grayson himself. Tim was smart enough to figure out Batman was Bruce Wayne and forced himself into the role until Damian Wayne came along and Tim became Red Robin. Stephanie Brown was also a Robin for a short time, although Batman fired her.

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Tim and Stephanie began a serious relationship with each other, but it was never an easy one. While they are not always together, they remain close and share a bond that might never be broken.

6 Hawkman & Hawkwoman

Hawkman and Hawkgirl have been united for a very long time, as they are both cursed to die and resurrect, only to continue their relationship and battle as heroes once again. Originally, they were Katar and Shayera Hol and in this world, they are Carter and Shiera Hall.

Their relationship transcends anything that other DC characters share, and they have shown that despite their fates keeping them together, they truly do love each other. This is a superhero relationship that not even death can break up.

5 Nightwing & Oracle

Nightwing Barbara Gordon Oracle Batgirl

Nightwing has had a lot of relationships in the comics. Based on the votes of comic book fans on Ranker, he has two that stand among the best in DC Comics. The lesser of the two is the one that is a little more serious in comics, and that is with Barbara Gordon.

Nightwing and Oracle grew up together while Dick was Robin and Barbara was Batgirl. They were together before Joker shot and paralyzed her and remained together after that. They are now close allies and share one of the best friendships in DC.

4 Nightwing & Starfire

Nightwing and Starfire in love

While Nightwing and Barbara Gordon is a more serious relationship, the one that most fans know about more is Dick’s relationship with Starfire. The two superheroes helped re-form the New Teen Titans and soon became one of DC’s hottest couples.

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This carried over to the animated cartoons and that is one reason Nightwing and Starfire remain so popular with fans. They are still close and in the Teen Titans Academy comics, the two seem like they are once again dating in the DC Universe.

3 Aquaman & Mera

Aquaman and Mera Baby Daughter Comic

Aquaman and Mera were destined to be together in the comics. The underwater King of Atlantis and his bride have been connected since the 1960s in comics and share both love and heartbreak together. The couple had a child who died, driving them apart for a time.

When DC relaunched with the New 52, ​​Aquaman and Mera were back together, and the two seemed destined to remain a couple no matter how rocky their lives became, as they always seemed to find one another.

two Green Arrow & Black Canary

Green Arrow Black Canary Kissing Before Moon

Green Arrow and Black Canary was always DC’s most combustible relationship. Oliver Queen was a hotheaded vigilante who never trusted anyone around him. Black Canary was one of DC’s greatest female heroes, someone who knew that she needed no one else to be great.

However, when they found their way to each other’s arms, it seemed perfect. They would fight more than almost any other superhero couple, but that is what helped make them strong and they eventually married and had a child.

1 batman & catwoman

Batman and Catwoman kissing on a rooftop in Hush

The DC couple that fans on Ranker love more than any other is Batman and Catwoman. It has been decades since Catwoman stopped being a pure villain and took on the role of an antihero. The fact that Batman has a no-nonsense outlook on criminals, yet fell in love with Catwoman speaks wonders.

The two almost got married, but that all fell apart when they realized it could never work. Even more recently in a Fortnite crossover, Catwoman almost had a chance to be with Batman again and then remembered everything that happened and it was clear she still has strong love in her heart for the man she can never be with.

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