10 Smartest DC Comics Scientists, Ranked

Scientists in comics are nothing new, and some of the smartest of them have come from DC. Superhero and supervillain scientists alike have been responsible for amazing things over the years, creating inventions that either saved the day or almost destroyed the world, depending on the moral alignment of the scientist. From the practitioners of mad science to superheroes using their intelligence to solve problems the scientific way, DC has them all.

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As with anything, some scientists are smarter than others. There’s a variety of factors to this and all of it adds up to make these super scientists some of the best and worst in the business.

10 Barry Allen Doesn’t Get The Credit For How Smart He Really Is

Flash Barry Allen

While it’s arguable whether Barry Allen is the best Flash, saying he’s the best scientist of the Scarlet Speedsters isn’t a stretch at all. Barry’s background in forensics was just the beginning, as his time as the Flash helped him learn firsthand about the laws of physics and how to use them to his advantage. That on-the-job training paid off and he soon became one of the foremost experts in superhero-related physics.

On top of that, Barry’s experience with time travel and the Multiverse helped things as well, adding to his considerable scientific knowledge and making him the go-to hero for such things. Barry is as good in a lab as he is punching Rogues.

9 The Chief Helped And Hurt The Doom Patrol With His Scientific Know-How

Doom Patrol - Chief Niles Caulder

The Chief is the long-time leader of the Doom Patrol, as well as also being the architect of their sorrow, depending on the continuity of the DC Universe at the time. Niles Caulder is one of those super scientists who doesn’t really have a specialization, a polymath adroit in multiple scientific disciplines. While it’s impossible to say he’s the best at any of them, his wide base of knowledge about him is impressive.

The Chief has put all of this to work to help and hinder the Doom Patrol many times over the years. He’s a complicated man but it’s impossible to deny how smart he is, having mastered many different aspects of the sciences.

8 Ray Palmer’s Life Is Devoted To Finding The Secrets Of The Universe


Ray Palmer started his superhero career as a professor at Ivy University, where he captured a dwarf star fragment and figured out how to use it to shrink himself while keeping his mass constant. He became the Atom, one of the smartest superheroes in the DC Universe, using his size-changing ability to fight crime on his own and with the Justice League, as well as exploring the microscopic realms of the Multiverse.

The Atom is one of the League’s go-to scientists. His knowledge of physics and the universe around the team is vast and he prefers science to fighting anyway. He’s the type of person who will disappear for years before popping up with a raft of amazing new discoveries.

7 Will Magnus Is One Of The Most Skilled Roboticists On The Planet

Will Magnus

Will Magnus is the creator of the Metal Men, one of the most impressive groups of robots in the DC Universe. Each member of that group’s bodies mimics the properties of the metal they are named after, and the Magnus invented responsometer helps create unique personalities for each, backing them up in case the bodies are destroyed.

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Magnus is the go-to guy when someone needs robotic help. His designs by him are inspired and there are few out there who can create robotic personalities as well as he can. Magnus has proven how great he is in his chosen field with every design.

6 TO Morrow’s Robots Are Works Of Art

T o morrow dc universe holding the daily planet

The Justice League battles all manner of villains, and TO Morrow is one of the most dangerous mad scientists the team has ever faced. Much like Will Magnus, robotics is his passion and he’s created some of the most powerful ever. A great example is the Amazo series of androids, which can copy the powers of any hero they face, making them deadly foes for any team.

However, where he really shines is creating the minds of the robots. Twice, with Red Tornado and Tomorrow Woman, Morrow robots designed to destroy the Justice League changed their minds, breaking their programming and becoming as close to real humans as any other robot ever. His robots are people, individual works of art like the heroes they face.

5 Mr. Terrific Is One Of The Smartest People On The Planet

Mr. Terrific is one of DC’s most underrated superheroes. He’s a gold medal-winning Olympic decathlete and holds PhDs in multiple scientific disciplines. He’s good at pretty much everything, and even Batman comes to him when he has a problem that he can’t solve. Terrific is the kind of guy who can learn an entirely new alien language in an afternoon and still find time to solve the most complex math equations.

Mr. Terrific is the total package. He’s surpassed just about every superhero on Earth when it comes to intelligence and learns at a rate that is impossible for anyone else. The great thing is that everyone knows it and saves the hardest problems for him to solve.

4 Lex Luthor Has Created Some Of The Most Impressive Weaponry Ever

Lex Luthor’s entire life has been about proving that he was the best at everything, but he specializes in science. He was able to make a fortune with his inventions, becoming the most famous person in Metropolis until Superman showed up. Since then, he’s fought his own battle against the Man of Steel, creating some of the most potent weapons ever.

Luthor’s hatred of Superman has driven him to levels of invention that make him one of the best. He’s an often reprehensible person but he’s one of the smartest scientists on the planet and his achievements have helped the human race, as well as allowing him to battle the heroes to a standstill.

3 Desaad’s Intelligence Is Only Matched By His Sadism

The saga of the New Gods is a martial one, as the heroes of New Genesis clash with the demons of Apokolips. Every war pivots on science and Darkseid has one of the Multiverse’s greatest scientists on his side of him-Desaad. A sadist who enjoys torture as much as he does science, he loves to find a way to bring his two passions together and create technology for his dark lord.

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Desaad has created some of Darkseid’s most fiendish tech and weapons, laboring for years in the bowels of Apokolips. Desaad loves his job from him, knowing that everything he created is going to cause harm to someone somewhere.

two Brainiac Knows Things No One Else Does

Brainiac is one of the scariest beings in the DC Universe, traveling the cosmos in a twisted quest for knowledge. Brainiac wants to be the only one to know everything, but he’s also a collector; he destroys entire solar systems but keeps one city from each, preserving the race and their knowledge of him for his own benefit. Brainiac has access to technology that no one outside his ship does.

He’s the ultimate cosmic predator of the DC Universe. He seeks to know everything that exists in his own terrible way and has used his treasure trove of knowledge and tech to create new things that have challenged the greatest heroes ever.

1 Brainiac 5 Is The Smartest Coluan In That Race’s History

Brainiac 5 from the cover of Legion of Super-Heroes #0

The Legion of Super-Heroes is known for its many great members, their bubbly personalities making them great role models for the people of the 31st century. Then there’s Brainiac 5. The young Coluan is the smartest person ever from his homeworld, and the Legion would be lost without his technology. There’s no problem he can’t solve and he’s created tech that has saved the day many times.

Brainiac 5 can be abrasive, but that’s only because he’s often trying to solve the greatest problems in the universe and doesn’t have time for all of the drama. He’s one of the Legion’s most clutch members, keeping them alive for the next mission with every invention.

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