9 Quotes That Helped Redditors Get Through Hard Times

office is known for its witty one-liners and inappropriate work humor that only characters like Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute could get away with. At the same time, the sitcom often hits viewers in the feels with its emotional conversations in the workplace.

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Although most scenes have endless jokes throughout, Reddit pointed out a few quotes that focused more on the severity of the conversation and less on the joke. These quotes have helped Redditors through hard times and were more relatable than expected.

Jan Levinson’s Motivational Speech

“There Are Always A Million Reasons Not To Do Something.”

Jan talking to Pam about work on The office

In “Women’s Appreciation,” Jan came to the office to meet with the women of Dunder Mifflin to discuss their futures with the company. Pam explained that she loved to draw and create things and she wouldn’t mind exploring a career in graphic design.


Jan was eager to help her accomplish her dream, but Pam seemed reluctant. Reddit u/GlowCavern shared an image of this scene and wrote, “I have a difficult time with decisions, and this Jan quote has always truly helped.” As viewers know, Pam’s dreams of her came true by the Office‘s finale, but if it wasn’t for Jan’s words who knows if Pam would have acted on them.

Pam Halpert On The Beauty Of Life

“There’s A Lot Of Beauty In Ordinary Things, Isn’t That Kinda The Point?”

Pam talking about the beauty of life in The Office

Though Pam was arguably the best receptionist in office, she always wanted more for herself. By season 9, Pam realized how many cherished memories she had at the very office she was bored at for so many years.

OrdinaryThings said that this quote from Pam opened their eyes. “It really gave me perspective when no big things were happening and I felt miserable. It’s so much easier to be reminded that the simple things are beautiful too,” they wrote.

Dwight Schrute On Being Cautious

“Whenever I’m About To Do Something, I Think, ‘Would An Idiot Do That?’ And If They Would, I Do Not Do That Thing.”

Dwight's quote on being an idiot on The Office

Dwight has many meme-worthy quotes on office. His intensity of him for life makes most of his scenes hilarious, even if they are not supposed to be. At the same time, Dwight also had quotes that helped those watching.

Cooturtle wrote “I actually think about this a lot. It’s genuinely not a terrible way to make decisions.” Keeping things simple and uncomplicated not only helps Dwight but also inspired some viewers.

Andy Bernard On The Good Old Days

“I Wish There Was A Way To Know You Were In The Good Old Days Before You Actually Left Them.”

Andy's quote on the good old days on The Office

At the end of the series when a bunch of workers go back to Dunder Mifflin for a final celebration, Andy had a talking head that resonated with a lot of viewers.

Andy always assumed the best days of his life were ahead of him. He’d have a wife, “nard pups,” and be in showbusiness… But as he realized, the “good old days” were actually in the safety of his cubicle of him at Dunder Mifflin. GavInChaos has this to say about the quote, “Yes that one always hits me right in the feels.”

Erin Hannon On Moving On

“No Woman, No Cry.”

Erin's quote on crying - The Office

Erin had some of the sweetest moments in the show. Her naivety to her life made her gullible but hopeful at the same time.

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When her boyfriend Andy chose to set sail to the Bahamas for three months with his brother instead of her, Erin was hurt. However, she found her strength and told the cameras, “But then I remember that Bob Marley song, ‘No Woman, No Cry.'” While the lyrics to that song are ambiguous, OldSoulRobertson explained why this quote helped them. “After something heartbreaking happens, you can continue to cry about it, or you can pick yourself up and move on.”

Michael Scott On Love

“Never, Ever Give Up.”

Michael and Jim on the booze cruise in The Office

Michael Scott is known for bungling a saying or saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment. But on a rare occasion, Michael said the perfect thing to Jim when the latter was upset over Pam’s engagement: “Never, ever give up.”

ChristieLadram loved this line, writing, “I actually really love this moment in the show lol. For some reason when Michael said that to Jim it hit me…” It’s a fresh reminder that no matter how dark something may appear, one doesn ‘t have to give up.

Kevin Malone On Appreciating The One Win

“It’s Just Nice To Win One.”

Kevin's quote on winning - The Office

Kevin Malone made Office fans cringe many times. However, he also had moments that made the audience feel bad for him. Kevin isn’t the kind of character that makes viewers think deeply about their own lives, but this one line, “It’s just nice to win one,” was inspirational.

NuffSaid related to the quote, saying, “Sometimes we all have days like that. That one win is all you need.” For Kevin, his world collapsed when his fiancée left him but when he did well at work, it felt nice to win for once. It was a fan-favorite quote that helped many in dark times.

Phyllis Vance On Her Career

“I Worked For A Paper Company All These Years, And I Never Wrote Anything Down.”

Phyllis quote in a talking head on The Office

Phyllis could sometimes be a polarizing character, but in the end, she was just a hard worker who deeply cared for her colleagues. In one of the last scenes shown at Dunder Mifflin, Phyllis had a talking head where she said “I worked for a paper company all these years and I never wrote anything down.” She regretted this because she had so many amazing memories she hoped to remember.

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Oalka felt connected to this quote and wrote, “Because I, too, have realized that large swaths of my life have vanished without me taking much note of them.” It was a quote that got fans thinking.

Dwight Schrute On Failure

“Not Everything Is A Lesson, Ryan. Sometimes You Just Fail.”

A split image of Ryan And Dwight talking about sales on The Office

Dwight had his heroic moments on the show, as well as helpful ones. As nonsensical as he can be at times, no one can deny that he was a good salesman who loved his job.

In one scene, Dwight was training Ryan on the art of a good sale. When Ryan didn’t end up making the sale, Dwight encouraged him by saying “Not everything is a lesson, Ryan. Sometimes you just fail.” Those words were encouraging for many. _Atoms_Apple wrote, “This one always stuck with me…People always want to find meaning in things. There is a lot of meaning in a lot of failures and lessons, but sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes you do your best and it’s not enough. That’s life.”

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