Every Team Nova Has Joined In The Comics

With the recent announcement that Richard Rider will be making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have already started to speculate what that might mean for the MCU’s next phases. Nova started out as a hero on Earth before he graduated to the big leagues as a protector of the universe.

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Of course, Nova hasn’t always worked alone, even though he often tries to carry the weight of the universe’s troubles on his shoulders. Both Richard Rider and his successor Sam Alexander found their places on teams that complemented their abilities and helped them grow as heroes over time. With Nova’s pending arrival, any of these teams could potentially form in the MCU.

10 Richard Rider Was Chosen To Be The First Human Member Of The Xandarian Nova Corps

Following the destruction of the planet Xandar, the last Centurion Rhomann Dey was able to transfer his power to the first human he encountered before his death: Richard Rider. He was the first human to be inducted into the Nova Corps when he was transformed into the Human Rocket, though he was the last member standing.

Years later, Rider would help reform the Nova Corps as Nova Prime after he spent years trying to keep the universe safe on his own. The Nova Corps is a powerful intergalactic police force that was formally Xandarian, though Rider’s new Corps recruited members from across the known galaxy.

9 Nova Was Called Along With Other Champions Of Xandar To Defend A Skrull Invasion

Nova and the Champions of Xandar

After some time as an Earth-bound hero, Rider was called upon to serve Xandar once again after the planet had been rebuilt. Unfortunately, the planet was threatened by an invasion of the shape-changing Skrulls, resulting in a call to arms for the various warriors spread around the galaxy.

Nova joined other heroes like Comet, Powerhouse, Sphinx, Diamondhead, Doctor Sun, and Crimebuster in defending the planet from the Skrulls. As a result, they became known as the Champions of Xandar. The team remained together after fighting off the invasion, though the Champions were later killed when Nebula succeeded in finally destroying Xandar.

8 Rider Helped Found The New Warriors As Kid Nova Which Sam Alexander Later Joined

New Warriors then and now rosters

While Nova had given up his powers after the Skrull/Xandarian war so he could return to Earth (where he resumed a normal yet unfulfilling life), he was eventually contacted by the vigilante known as Night Thrasher, who managed to jump-start his abilities . I have summarized his career as the Human Rocket, though he was called Kid Nova by the media.

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Rider joined Night Thrasher in forming a team of young heroes known as the New Warriors alongside members like Justice, Firestar, Namorita, and Speedball. The team grew over the years and had a few different iterations, which included Justice and Speedball’s new formation of the team that Sam Alexander joined during his time as Nova.

7 Nova Briefly Worked With Doctor Strange’s Secret Defenders During The Starblast Event

Nova, Northstar and Hulk from Secret Defenders

Doctor Strange created the Secret Defenders as a team with a constantly changing roster – assembled based on the need and available heroes. Over the years, this included quite a few different members and unique team combinations. Richard Rider/Nova found himself involved in the star blast event, which introduced New Universe characters like Starbrand to the Marvel universe.

Nova teamed up with Northstar to take down a fast robot sent by the alien Starblasters, though they ultimately needed Hulk to save the day and destroy the alien robot. Nova never worked with the Secret Defenders again, though he was a part of the Defenders-For-A-Day squad that briefly joined the original team.

6 Nova Fought Alongside The Universe’s Most Powerful Heroes During The Thanos Imperative

The Annihilators first roster from The Thanos Imperative

Richard Rider was on the frontlines of a galactic war during the Annihilation event, which saw him lead the charge in most of the cosmic battles that followed. After the events of war of kings resulted in a destructive tear in reality known as the Fault, the Marvel universe found itself threatened by a dark reality free of death known as the Cancerverse.

Nova assembled a powerful team of galactic heroes that included Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Quasar, Silver Surfer, and Ronan to take on the demonic “heroes” of the Cancerverse, which were led by a corrupted version of Mar-Vell. While the team ultimately failed and Nova was forced to sacrifice himself to close the Fault, it was still one of the most powerful teams ever assembled.

5 Nova Was Asked To Join Captain America’s Secret Avengers To Help With Space Missions

Secret Avengers

Captain Steve Rogers retooled the Avengers when he was given command of SHIELD while Bucky Barnes operated as Captain America. I have created a black ops team of heroes known as the Secret Avengers, which featured an adjustable roster based on the mission requirements.

Nova was asked by Captain Rogers to join the Secret Avengers when they needed a cosmic hero to check out a mining installation on Mars. Nova’s time with the team saw him possessed by the powerful Serpent Crown to become a dangerous threat to his own team, though Rogers was able to free Rider with the Nova Force. Nova then left the team due to his responsibilities in space.

4 Sam Alexander Earned A Spot With The Avengers Before Fighting Kluh During AXIS

Nova with the Avengers and fighting Kluh

While Rider appeared to sacrifice himself during the realm of kings event, a new Nova soon appeared named Sam Alexander. Young Sam followed in his father’s footsteps when he found the elder Alexander’s Nova helmet, leading to his own empowerment of him with the Nova Force.

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The young Nova soon made a name for himself with the Avengers, who offered him an honorary membership with the team during the AXIS event. Nova took it upon himself to help stop the rampages of the inverted Hulk, Kluh. While it almost killed Nova, he fought valiantly against the powerful monster to earn the respect of his superhero peers from him.

3 Nova Was Asked To Join The All-New, All-Different Avengers After Impressing The New Trinity

Young Sam Alexander had quite a few different moments to impress the leaders of the Avengers, though it was during a battle with a Chitauri warrior named Warbringer when a new team of Avengers was formed, which included Nova.

The All-New, All-Different Avengers featured other new legacy heroes like Sam Wilson/Captain America and Jane Foster/Thor, alongside Iron Man, Vision, and fellow young heroes Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel as they dealt with some of the team’s deadliest enemies.

two Sam Alexander Helped Form The Modern Champions With Spider-Man And Ms. Marvel

The roster of Marvel's young Champions

Unfortunately, the young heroes of the Avengers soon found themselves in disagreement over how their elder teammates dealt with their battles, which often resulted in collateral damage. After the second superhuman civil war, Nova quit the team alongside Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man in the hopes they could find a better way to help people without hurting them in the process.

They formed a new roster of the Champions and welcomed other young heroes like Amadeus Cho/Brawn and Viv Vision, though the roster has continued to grow over the years with other new young heroes like Ironheart, Power Man, the new Patriot, and other teens. heroes from around the world who wanted to help those in need.

1 Rider Worked Alongside The Guardians Of The Galaxy Before He Formed His Own Team

Nova leading the Guardians of the Galaxy

After Richard Rider’s return from the Cancerverse, he returned to his role as Nova Prime but became a target of the Dark Guardians, whose goal was to stop the return of Thanos. Nova worked closely with the Guardians of the Galaxy during battles with the Dark Olympians and in events like Annihilation: Scourge.

Following the takeover of the Kree/Skrull Alliance, The Galactic Council endorsed its own Guardians team, which was led by Nova and featured members like Star-Lord, Gamora, Groot, Hulkling, Wiccan, and others to form one of the team’s most powerful rosters.

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