Every Team Venom Has Joined In The Comics

After the alien symbiote bonded with Eddie Brock to create Venom, the duo largely kept to themselves when they attempted to reform as a Lethal Protector. Aside from a few temporary alliances with other popular heroes when fighting against common villains — like in the Maximum Carnage storyline—Venom was a lone wolf.

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That slowly changed over the years as the Venom symbiote bonded with other hosts like Flash Thompson or Mac Gargan, each of whom joined teams during their time with the symbiote. Even Eddie Brock became more of a team player when he returned as Venom and earned a spot on the Avengers, though that wasn’t the first time the symbiote had achieved such an honor.

10 Eddie Brock Briefly Worked With The Sinister Six And Savage Six As Venom And Toxin

Eddie Brock as Toxin with the Savage Six and Venom with the Sinister Six split image

There were quite a few different iterations of the Sinister Six, a team first organized by Doctor Octopus to take out Spider-Man. Venom joined a version formed by Sandman, but he soon turned on the team after he found himself betrayed.

Mac Gargan helped form the Sinister Twelve during his first acts as the new Venom, however his team was very short-lived. Eddie Brock was later forcibly bonded to the Toxin symbiote and made to work with the Crime-Master’s Savage Six, but he left the team after taking control of the symbiote.

9 Agent Venom Joined Red Hulk’s Squad Of Thunderbolts With Punisher, Elektra & Deadpool

Red Hulk's Thunderbolts during Infinity

Flash Thompson bonded with a neutered version of the Venom symbiote which had been sedated with chemicals, making it easier to use as Agent Venom without forming a permanent bond. However, the symbiote recovered from the chemicals and began exerting control over Flash Thompson in times of stress.

Flash Thompson took up Red Hulk’s offer to join a new team of Thunderbolts comprised of Punisher, Elektra and Deadpool, later including Ghost Rider and The Leader. Agent Venom began to disagree with their methods and left the Thunderbolts after engaging them in battle to test their ability to take out the symbiote.

8 Mac Gargan Joined The Dark Avengers As Spider-Man While Bonded With The Symbiote

Marvel's Dark Avengers

Formerly known as Scorpion, Mac Gargan traded up and bonded with the Venom symbiote after it was sold by a cancer-stricken Eddie Brock. Gargan worked closely with Norman Osborn to form the Sinister Twelve and he later joined the Thunderbolts when they were under Osborn’s control.

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When he was asked by the former Green Goblin to join his team of Dark Avengers, Gargan was given a special serum, enabling the Venom symbiote to reduce its monstrous form and masquerade as Spider-Man. Gargan worked alongside other villains who were likewise masquerading as members of the Avengers under the command of Osborn’s Iron Patriot.

7 Captain America Asked Agent Venom To Work With Hawkeye’s Team Of Secret Avengers

When they worked together during the Spider-Island event, Flash Thompson’s military training and drive to become a hero as Agent Venom impressed Captain America, leading Steve Rogers to invite Thompson to join his Secret Avengers. The team’s leadership had been handed to Clint Barton/Hawkeye and the crew was given a new orbital headquarters to undertake secret missions for Rogers.

Agent Venom joined his new teammates Beast, Giant-Man, Captain Britain, Ant-Man, Black Widow and the original Human Torch in the black ops team. During their time together on the Secret Avengers, Agent Venom and Valkyrie engaged in a secret romantic relationship.

6 Agent Venom Joined The Guardians Of The Galaxy As The Avengers’ Representative In Space

While Agent Venom ultimately left the Secret Avengers, he continued to work as an operative for Steve Rogers, earning him honorary status as an Avenger. Agent Venom was assigned to become the Avengers’ newest representative on the Guardians of the Galaxy, following in the footsteps of other Avengers like Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

Agent Venom adopted a new look and worked a few missions with the team before his increasing loss of control over the symbiote forced him to leave. When the team came after him, the symbiote took over the other members of the Guardians before it found its way back to the symbiote’s home planet Klyntar.

5 Anti-Venom Joined Wonder Man’s Avengers In Order To Hold The Avengers Accountable

Wonder Man and his Avengers

Eddie Brock spent some time separated from the Venom symbiote after he was diagnosed with cancer — though he was miraculously cured by Martin Li/Mr. Negative while volunteering at the FEAST shelter. When Brock encountered Mac Gargan and the Venom symbiote, it triggered the creation of a new symbiote that bonded with Brock to become Anti-Venom.

Brock joined a team formed by Wonder Man called the Revengers. The team featured other former heroes like D-Man, Virtue, Atlas, Goliath, Century, Captain Ultra and Devil-Slayer. Despite their disillusionment with the Avengers and the threats they brought against normal people, the team was disbanded after they were defeated by two teams of Avengers.

4 Agent Venom Healed His Symbiote And Joined The Agents Of The Cosmos As A Space Knight

After the Venom symbiote had taken over the Guardians so it could return to the home planet of Klyntar, Flash Thompson discovered the homicidal symbiote had been corrupted by its previous hosts. The symbiote was cured after reconnecting with the Klyntar hive-mind and rebonded with Flash Thompson, who discovered they could now hear the Voice of the Cosmos.

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This voice directed them to help different planets in the universe, and they partnered with other symbiotes who’d joined with alien hosts to become known as the Agents of the Cosmos. Venom created a new armored form and also worked alongside the Space Knights during this time. Venom eventually returned to Earth and the Agents of the Cosmos were later wiped out by the Poisons.

3 Eddie Brock Led A Team Of Symbiote-Bonded Heroes To Fight Together As The Poison Resistance

Venom and the Poison Resistance

After Eddie regained the Venom symbiote, he was drafted into a multiversal fight against a race of beings known as the Poisons. They fed on symbiotes by consuming their hosts and taking control of the bodies, resulting in a powerful resistance of symbiote-bonded heroes who first appeared in the Venomverse event.

Before the Poisons began to spread across the multiverse in the venomized event, Venom led his own army of multiversal versions of Venom. Venom then teamed with other characters like Spider-Man, Captain America and the time-displaced original X-Men who became bonded to symbiotes to take on the Poison army.

two Agent Venom Worked With A Dark Take On The New FF Alongside Ghost Rider, Red Hulk & X-23

Venom Circle of Four - Venom, Red Hulk, X-23, Ghost Rider Splash Page

Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Ghost Rider became known as the New Fantastic Four, taking over for the team during a period when the FF were presumed dead. During the circle of four crossover, Flash Thompson was grouped together with his own version of the New FF.

When Hell was unleashed on the world by the new Ghost Rider, Alejandra Jones, Agent Venom was forced to join her, Red Hulk and X-23 in stopping Blackheart. The event saw Flash give the Venom symbiote to Red Hulk — currently possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance — to create a powerful new being. The team disbanded after Hell was returned.

1 Eddie Brock Unofficially Joined The Savage Avengers As Venom Alongside Conan The Barbarian

Venom and the Savage Avengers

Venom wasn’t exactly known as a hero with a lot of friends or kindred spirits, though Eddie Brock found an ally when he teamed up with Conan the Barbarian to help form the first unofficial roster of the Savage Avengers.

The team had been coincidentally brought together by the actions of the sorcerer Kulan Gath. Venom’s time with the team saw him work alongside Conan, Wolverine, the Punisher and Elektra. Venom and Conan later worked together during the Empyres event to fight the Cotati invasion, before Venom left the team shortly after.

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